How much do vinyl pergolas cost?

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How much do vinyl pergolas cost?

Vinyl Pergola. Vinyl pergolas usually run from $1,000 to $3,000 for a 100 square foot model. This material is popular thanks to its low-maintenance nature.

Do vinyl pergolas look cheap?

Vinyl Pergolas They also might be cheaper looking than an aluminum pergola. Often coming in bright white or beige colors, they offer a more formal look in comparison to natural or painted wood. However, this may increase your maintenance requirements for both cleaning and touching up paint over time.

Can you buy a premade pergola?

Many homeowners opt to build a pergola from a kit rather than from scratch. A pergola kit includes all the precut, notched and drilled pieces of wood, vinyl or other material, plus the required hardware you need to assemble and anchor your pergola. Read on for seven of our favorite pergola kits.

What is the best roof for a pergola?

Highly Durable Metal Pergola Roof Metal pergola roof materials are considered to be the most durable, thus they are also more permanent than many of the other types of roofing materials. The best thing about metal roofing material is that it can be cut down or sized to fit any size or shape structure.

Why are pergolas so expensive?

Conclusion. Pergolas are expensive because they are large structures that you want to last. By choosing a high-quality pergola made of fiberglass, steel, or aluminum, you won’t have to worry about replacing it every couple of years.

How big does a vinyl pergola need to be?

These pergolas are available as complete ready-to-install kits, or we can custom configure a vinyl pergola to fit your space. Navigate through your design options by clicking the boxes below. 1. SELECT YOUR SIZE OPTIONS 8′ x 12′ | 8′ x 16′ | 8′ x 20′

What do you need to know about superior pergolas?

Bring additional living space to your home with a stylish pergola. High-quality vinyl pergolas create an open but still sheltered spot for outdoor entertaining, dining, or simply relaxing. Superior’s pergolas are engineered to last for decades.

Do you need an Amish pergola Builder Kit?

In addition to crafting jaw-dropping vinyl pergola kits, we strive to outfit families with everything they need to make their outdoor living space perfect, in whatever way is most convenient for them. You will never want to leave your backyard once your Amish vinyl pergola kit is installed.

Can a pergola be connected to a light fixture?

You gain extra strenth by connecting to your home. Wires can enter the pergola through the ledger, so if you have a light fixture on the exterior wall, consider using that power and switch to operate all the lights on your new pergola. Attaching a vinyl pergola to your home is fairly simple.