What jersey number is Pele?

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What jersey number is Pele?

10Santos FC / Forward
10New York Cosmos / Forward
Throughout his whole career Pelé wore the number 10 jersey in soccer for every team he played for. It is not part of soccer’s traditions to retire jersey numbers, so Pelé’s number 10 is not retired by Santos nor Brazil.

Who are some famous people with jersey numbers?

Some jersey numbers are so iconic that they will forever be linked with names. Texas A&M diehard fans will, for example, associate No. 2 with superstar quarterback Johnny Manziel. Manziel hasn’t yet earned a spot on this list, one filled with legends of their sports who will be remembered generations after they last suited up as active players.

Are there any soccer players who wear more than one number?

Especially in the era before squad numbers were set (1993 in England), players would be shifted in position, and would wear the number assigned to that position. So many great players, even since 1993, have worn more than one number. Nevertheless, it’s one number to a player here. So Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t get to wear 7 and 17.

Who are the greatest players to wear number 10?

The greatest to ever wear No. 10 are, of course, Pele and Diego Maradona. Professional footballers who play in top-flight leagues such as the Premier League or La Liga can only hope to equal the feats of Pele and Maradona, and hoping is really more wishing in this particular circumstance.

What are the numbers on a football player’s shirt?

No Way! The numbers that a player has on his shirt has always been one that is always in the news and while the numbers 7,9 and 10 are mythical in nature, there are others who do prefer to wear some different ones. Here, we take a look at the best players to have worn shirts ranging from 1-23, plus some star players with exotic numbers.

Who are the greatest athletes to wear number 19?

But the number has also adorned many a prolific athlete in other major sports as well. Without further ado, here are the greatest athletes to ever wear 19 in the four major North American sports: NHL: Steve Yzerman. Known to fans as “The Captain,” Steve Yzerman is one of the greatest players…

When did they start wearing numbers on soccer shirts?

Numbered shirts were first worn in professional soccer by Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday in 1928. At that time, the numbers 1 to 11 were assigned to starting players according to their position on the field, with substitutes, which were not allowed until 1965, given higher numbers.

Who was the best football player to wear number 21?

Sanders has since gone on to be inducted into the College Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame. LaDainian Tomlinson and Eric Allen were other dominant players to wear No. 21. The proud Gator was named to eight Pro Bowls and was a six-time All-Pro. He won three Super Bowls and was named MVP in Super Bowl XXVIII.

Who are some famous soccer players with numbers?

Luis Figo, the Portuguese international, who played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid, and who won the Ballon D’or in 2000, also chose to wear that numeral. Another man to wear that number was Kenny Dalglish, one of the finest footballers Britain ever produced. And then there are wingers Stanley Matthews and Garrincha.