How to become an alien spouse of an US permanent resident?

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How to become an alien spouse of an US permanent resident?

But if the primary applicant marries after the approval of the Form I-485, the primary applicant must file Form I-130 for the alien spouse, and the alien spouse may need to wait years to get the immigrant visa. Q: I recently married a U.S. permanent resident. How could I get U.S. immigrant visa to become U.S. permanent resident also?

Is it legal to marry an immigrant in the United States?

Yes, as of 2013, when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a piece of federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex marriages are treated like any other marriage for federal immigration law purposes. But you will still need to make sure that gay marriage is legally recognized in the state or country where it took place.

Can a lawful permanent resident marry a foreign born spouse?

Contrast that with the situation faced by spouses of lawful permanent residents. They are able to start the immigration process as soon they’re married, by filing USCIS Form I-130, but that only puts the foreign-born spouse on a waiting list.

Can a nonresident alien file as a resident alien?

For example, if, at the end of the tax year, you are a resident alien and your spouse is a nonresident alien, you can choose to treat the nonresident alien spouse as a U.S. resident alien and file Form 1040 using the filing status Married filing jointly.

Can a u.s.citizen legally marry an illegal alien?

There is nothing stopping them from doing so. It is possible for an illegal alien to obtain legal U.S. Status through this marriage, however here are a number of factors that will affect the outcome. One of these factors is the past immigration history of the illegal person.

Can a person get a green card if they marry an US citizen?

Eligibility for Green Card (Lawful Permanent Residence) Based on Marriage. The good news is that, under the U.S. immigration laws, immigrants who marry U.S. citizens or permanent residents are among the categories of people allowed to apply for green cards.

What happens if an immigrant marries an American citizen?

An immigrant who marries a U.S. citizen must apply for a green card (U.S. permanent residence). This is a long process involving many forms and documents. The immigrant can be refused entry if he or she is found inadmissible, perhaps because of a medical problem, criminal history,…

Can a foreigner get married in the United States?

Some U.S. states, for example, don’t recognize a marriage between close family members or people under a certain age. But such situations are rare. The person’s immigration status (legal or not) has no bearing on whether your marriage will be recognized as legal. Can I Marry My Gay or Lesbian Partner (of the Same Sex)?