How much is Roy Jones Jr getting paid for the fight?

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How much is Roy Jones Jr getting paid for the fight?

Tyson, 54, and Jones, 51, each were guaranteed $1 million, according to documents provided by the California State Athletic Association, which sanctioned the fight. The fighters are expected to get an equal share of the pay-per-view money.

How much money has Roy Jones Jr made?

As of 2021, Roy Jones Jr’s net worth is valued at $45 million. Jones Jr. earned most of his $45 million fortune through boxing. He earned as much as $75 million in pay-per-view revenue share, purse money, and television rights in his career, spanning three decades.

Did Roy Jones Jr fight Felix Trinidad?

Roy Jones Jr., billed as “Bring on the Titans” was a professional boxing match contested on January 19, 2008. The non-title bout was fought with a catch weight of 170 pounds.

Who knocked down Tito Trinidad?

After winning five national amateur championships in Puerto Rico, Trinidad debuted as a professional when he was seventeen, and won his first world championship by defeating Maurice Blocker to win the IBF welterweight title in 1993….

Félix Trinidad
Losses 3

What happened to Felix Tito Trinidad?

According to an article published on Thursday by Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia, former three-division champion Felix “Tito” Trinidad is broke and seeking court-mandated relief on his personal debt after finding out that his top aide, Jose “Pepe” Ramos, squandered over $63 million on now-worthless government bonds …

How much money is Tito Trinidad worth?

Net Worth: $30 Million Felix Trinidad, also known as “Tito”, is a Puerto Rican former professional boxer from Fajardo. Trinidad is a three-weight world champion and is considered to be one of the best boxers in Puerto Rico’s history.

How much money did Roy Jones Jr make?

Despite being an exhibition match, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are both slated to take home massive prize purses after the former’s first-ever “Legends Only League” promotion. The fight, which is set to take place at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Saturday night, could see Tyson walk away with upwards of $10 million from the pay-per-view event.

How many fights did Roy Jones Jr lose?

The Roy Jones Jr record is a bit deceptive. We see 9 losses and assume he was embarassed by subpar opposition. Should he lose his next fight, let it be known 6 of his 9 losses will have occurred when he was well past his prime and one of those six losses was a disqualification in the 10th round of a fight he would have likely won otherwise.

What was the payout for the Tyson Jones fight?

That fight ended with Paul knocking out Robinson in the second round. However, Paul and Robinson aren’t making nearly as much as the main eventers, as their guaranteed purse for the fight was $600 each, per Raimondi. Like Tyson and Jones, Paul and Robinson should end up making more than that guaranteed amount.

When did Roy Jones jr.fight Vyron Phillips?

On March 20, 2016, Jones fought in Phoenix, Arizona at the Celebrity Theatre against 33-year-old MMA fighter Vyron Phillips, who had won the right to fight him after having been selected through a vote on Facebook. Phillips, who fought in his first boxing match, was 5-3 in MMA bouts and 6-1 as an amateur boxer.

Roy Jones vs James Toney fight hyped and generated the most pay-per-view buys in his early career time period according to reports, Jones made $60 million including purse money, pay-per-view revenue share and tv money from all fights. Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr purse money based on pay-per-view sales in 2020 and what ever generated will go to Charity.

How old was Roy Jones Jr when he fought Tyson?

In the car-leasing business at the time of the fight, the then-28-year-old Young fought only twice more before ending his career, 31-7-1. Molinares made his name on one of the more controversial endings in modern boxing history. The Colombian exited a 1988 welterweight title fight with Marlon Starling’s belt.

When did Roy Jones Jr get his first purse?

Roy Jones Jr Purse Payouts ($5 million) : Jones Jr first purse money reported in 1992. Later he start received pay-per-view revenue share including tv money generated on the fight day.

Why was Roy Jones jr.fight ruled no contest?

Molinares knocked out Starling with a right hand thrown just after the bell, but referee Joe Cortez counted the champion out. The bout ended up being ruled a no-contest. It did change boxing henceforth, with the 10-second warning spawning because of this sequence.