What is there to do in Turkey in the winter?

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What is there to do in Turkey in the winter?

10 Best Things to Do in Winter in Turkey

  1. Hot-Air Ballooning in Cappadocia. Ballooning over Cappadocia during winter.
  2. Lake Çıldır Sleighing. Sleighing on Lake Çıldır.
  3. Eastern Express Train Trip.
  4. Skiing at Uludağ
  5. Explore Kars and Ancient Ani.
  6. City Break in Istanbul without the Crowds.
  7. Palandöken Skiing.
  8. Discover Lake Abant.

Is Turkey a winter sun destination?

While the searing heat of the summer is long gone, the Turkish seaside winter days are pleasant and mild, with temperatures hovering around 12-15 degrees – although it generally feels warmer due to the sunshine. Here we compare and contrast the top three winter sun destinations: Fethiye, Bodrum and Antalya.

Where is the warmest place in Turkey in winter?

The Antalya region has one of the warmest winter climates in the country.

Is Turkey worth visiting in December?

Due to the cool weather in December, not many tourists travel to Turkey as they do in late spring, summer or early autumn. So when visiting Turkey in winter, you can afford more for less. Another thing – you will definitely enjoy the absence of long queues and the opportunity to relax in seclusion.

How cold is winter in Turkey?

The winters in Turkey starts from mid-December and ends in mid-March. Different regions of Turkey experience different quality of winter. It can range from mild to snowy or from rainy to dry cold. Temperatures may vary from -13C to 24C depending upon the climate zone.

Where is hot in Turkey in January?

January Daily averages for Antalya. Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. This seaside city is the largest on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Lovingly referred to as the ‘Turkish Riviera’, this region has seasonably warm temperatures year-round, even in the winter.

How hot is Turkey in winter?

Where is it warm in Turkey in December?

The city of Antalya is in an idyllic spot along Turkey’s southern shores, beside the warm Mediterranean Sea and by the Gulf of Antalya. These clear blue waters, which average 19°C in December, help to keep the temperature around Antalya very mild during the winter.

What is the coldest part of Turkey?

Erzurum is the coldest place in Turkey during the season. Turkey has always been perceived as a summer holiday destination, but this country is a good choice for your winter getaways too.