Did Brian Gionta win a Stanley Cup?

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Did Brian Gionta win a Stanley Cup?

Winning 2003 Stanley Cup Gionta was a member of the New Jersey Devils, who defeated the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in a seven-game final. He celebrated by bringing the Stanley Cup to Rochester.

What team does Brian Gionta play for?

Brian Gionta
Played for New Jersey Devils Montreal Canadiens Buffalo Sabres Boston Bruins
National team United States
NHL Draft 82nd overall, 1998 New Jersey Devils
Playing career 2001–2018

Where does Brian Gionta live?

A native of Rochester, New York, who lives in Buffalo, Gionta, 39, was chosen by the New Jersey Devils in the third round (No. 82) of 1998 NHL Draft. He won the Stanley Cup with New Jersey in 2003 and scored 48 goals in 2005-06, breaking the Devils record set by Pat Verbeek (46) in 1987-88.

What is Brian Gionta doing now?

Brian Gionta retires, takes on new role with Buffalo Sabres.

How old is Brian Gionta?

42 years (January 18, 1979)
Brian Gionta/Age

How tall is Brian Gionta?

1.7 m
Brian Gionta/Height

Is Brian Gionta in the Hall of Fame?

The Canadiens reached the Eastern Conference final in Gionta’s first season with the team in 2009 and again in his final season in 2014.