Can I upgrade my pressure washer pump?

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Can I upgrade my pressure washer pump?

Your new pump must be compatible with your pressure washer. You can’t replace your pump with any pump you wish, because they just won’t fit. They use three pistons and plungers to create higher PSI than axial cam pumps, and they utilize higher quality components and bearings, so they last much longer.

Why does my pressure washer dies when trigger released?

If a pressure washer stalls when the trigger is released, this usually indicates a fault in the unloader valve. It is a simple process to remove and replace the unloader.

How much oil goes in a comet pressure washer pump?

Oil type and quantity to be used in a pressure washer pump

Pump Type Oil Type Oil Capacity
Axial Comet BXD2528G non-detergent 2,2 oz (65 ml)
Axial AR RMV 25G30D non-detergent 2,2 oz (65 ml)
Many Stihl pressure washers non-detergent 3 oz
Craftsman Pressure Washer, Model 580.767300. Less than 5 oz

What kind of pump does a comet pressure washer use?

Comet triplex industrial pump with gas flange, ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves. 4.0 GPM, 4000 PSI, 3400 RPM, 1″ Hollow Shaft, 15mm Pistons. This ZWD 4040 triplex pump is a bare pump. Order unloader valve and plumbing separately.

How long does Comet pump zwd4040g take to ship?

The 6305.0900.20 pump package comes with a ZWD4040G Direct Drive triplex plunger pressure washer pump and a VRT3 EZ Start unloader and a regulator. Availability: Ships In 5-7 business days See Details Special Order Details Items not showing “In Stock” are special ordered from the manufacturer.

Do you need oil for ZWD pressure washer pump?

A The ZWD series of pumps all have the same threads. A This pump is shipped with oil. No. You will need a GX390 or other 13 HP engine to get 4GPM @ 4000 PSI. As far as we can tell, it won’t.