What does merchantability mean?

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What does merchantability mean?

: of commercially acceptable quality : characterized by fitness for normal use, good quality, and accord with any statements or promises made on the packaging or label merchantable goods — see also implied warranty and warranty of merchantability at warranty sense 2a. Other Words from merchantable.

What does merchantable quality mean?

Of merchantable quality – that means that they must be of a reasonable standard taking into account their price and what they are meant to do. Fit for the purpose they were bought for – they must do what they are reasonably expected to do.

What is condition as to wholesomeness?

(7) Condition as to wholesomeness: In case of eatables or provisions or foodstuffs, there is an implied condition as to wholesomeness. Condition as to wholesomeness means that the goods shall be fit for human consumption. In case of sale by auction, there was a trade custom to declare any sea damage in the goods.

What is breach of implied warranty of merchantability?

The elements of a breach of implied warranty of merchantability are that goods sold were unreasonably dangerous for use to which they would ordinarily be put or for some other reasonably foreseeable purpose.

What does merchantable timber mean?

MERCHANTABLE – Refers to trees salable for commercial products. MIXED STAND – A timber stand in which less than 80 percent of the trees in the main canopy are of a single species.

Is fit for purpose meaning?

something that is fit for purpose is good enough to do the job it was designed to do. European law dictates that goods must be fit for purpose when sold.

What is an example of a condition?

The definition of condition is the state something or someone is in or can also refer to a specific illness. An example of condition is a brand new sofa with no defects. An example of a condition is a harsh work environment. An example of a condition is a cold or the flu.

Which is an example of implied condition?

For example, if you purchase a stolen car, the seller did not have the right to sell you the good. Therefore, they have breached the first condition implied into contracts of sale. The presence of that implied condition gives the consumer the right to seek a remedy from the seller.

What does implied fitness mean?

An implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or implied warranty of fitness refers to a warranty implied by law that if a seller knows or has reason to know of a particular purpose for which some item is being purchased by the buyer, the seller is guaranteeing that the item is fit for that particular purpose …

Which is the best definition of a merchantable item?

Merchantable. Salable; of quality and type ordinarily acceptable among vendors and buyers. An item is deemed merchantable if it is reasonably fit for the ordinary purposes for which such products are manufactured and sold. For example, soap is merchantable if it cleans. In general, a seller or manufacturer is required by law to make products…

Who is required by law to make products of merchantable quality?

In general, a seller or manufacturer is required by law to make products of merchantable quality. In the event that the items do not meet with the proper standards, a suit can be brought against the seller or manufacturer by anyone who is injured as a result. Product Liability; Sales Law. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2.

How is a log stamped as a merchantable?

Each merchantable log scaled is stamped on at least one end and un merchantable or defective logs are stamped “US” in a circle. They are teaching the people that their ballots are merchantable products, and their ballot-box a rotten affair. Common merchantable pine lumber is used for the body of the case.

What kind of lumber is used in a merchantable case?

Common merchantable pine lumber is used for the body of the case. But nothing exceeds in value the largest merchantable mockocks of sugar, which are brought in for sale. It is probable that much of it consists of low land which may afford merchantable timber.