What does peppering mean in volleyball?

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What does peppering mean in volleyball?

To pepper, two players face each other separated by a distance of 5–20 feet (2–6 meters). Player 2 starts by hitting or tossing a volleyball to player 1. Player 1 then passes the ball back to player 2 starting the drill.

What is a pepper game?

: a group warm-up usually preceding a baseball or softball game consisting of short quick throws bunted in return by a single batter.

Why is the volleyball drill called Pepper?

It comes from a pair baseball drill that is similar, with catching and throwing quickly back and forth, rather than the rebounding found in volleyball.

What is salt and pepper in volleyball?

2,274 views • Aug 24, 2016 • An evolution of the traditional pepper drill teaching athletes to pass up to a setter rather than back over the net.

What is a quick set in volleyball?

Quick Set: This is a low set that is hit while the ball is still going up or has just peaked. There are many variations. A quick one (known as 1 or A) is to the immediate front of the setter, a back one (known as a back 1 or B) is set directly behind the setter.

What is a setter in volleyball?

Setter. The setter is the main contributor to the offense of the volleyball team. One of the requirements of the setter is having a delicate touch to set the ball perfectly for one of the attacking players. Without the setter, there wouldn’t be hard spikes or technical ball movement.

When do you use the word peppering in soccer?

Peppering: when you are being annoyed or pressured, can also be used in soccer when the other team is attacking. Stop peppering me, you are peppering. Get the Peppering neck gaiter and mug. Being lonely due to the never ending Carona virus.

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