What does affiliative mean?

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What does affiliative mean?

: relating to the formation of social and emotional bonds with others or to the desire to create such bonds It is interesting and significant that most cult members join because of affiliative needs to be with others. —

Is Unregistrable a word?

adjective. That cannot be registered.

Does not register Meaning?

: not registered: such as. a : not having entered one’s name on a voting list unregistered voters. b : unrecorded or not filed in the place provided by law an unregistered motor vehicle.

What is affiliative behavior?

An affiliative behavior is often defined as friendly and peaceful acts exchanged among individuals. Affiliative behaviors occur across a wide variety of taxa, but are particularly common among birds and mammals, and are often found within the category of social interaction.

What is another word for unregistered?

What is another word for unregistered?

unrecorded uncataloged
unlisted unpublicized
private unreported
secret unpublished
confidential ex-directory

What happens when you register something?

If you register to do something, you put your name on an official list, in order to be able to do that thing or to receive a service. If you register something, such as the name of a person who has just died or information about something you own, you have these facts recorded on an official list.

Who is a affiliative leader?

An affiliative leader is someone who “promotes harmony among his or her followers and helps to solve any conflict”, and the less conflict you have in a team, the better results you’ll see.

What are the six styles of leadership?

The six styles of leadership

  • Coercive leadership.
  • Authoritative leadership.
  • Affiliative leadership.
  • Democratic leadership.
  • Pacesetting leadership.
  • Coaching leadership.

What is an unregistered user?

Users who are not logged in are called unregistered users, or IP users. These users can edit pages which are not protected or semi-protected; their edits will appear in page histories alongside the IP address from which they were made. Unregistered users cannot move pages, upload media, or maintain a watchlist.