How did Rhinox become Tankor?

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How did Rhinox become Tankor?

While Maximals managed to flee, Rhinox, along with Silverbolt, was not so fortunate and got captured by Megatron’s Vehicon drone army. He had his spark got extracted from his body, had it corrupted by Megatron, and was placed in a body of a tank drone, becoming Tankor.

Is Rhinox an Autobot?

Rhinox is an Autobot, and later the Horseman War, from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

What happened to Rhinox?

Rhinox used the Key to Vector Sigma to try and destroy the Maximals and Megatron, but his plan failed due to Megatron’s safeguards preventing Tankor attacking him directly and Optimus’ use of the Plasma Energy Chamber, and he sadly died.

How tall is Rhinox?

Rhinox: 2.6 m. Inferno: 2.6 m. Silverbolt: 2.6 m. Blackarachnia (Transmetal 2): 2.6 m.

Is Dinobot a maximal?

Dinobot is a Predacon or Maximal from the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. Dinobot is a Predacon ruled by his sense of honor. As befits a warrior of his stature, Dinobot is skilled in all forms of combat.

Who is the tallest Autobot?

Broadside is a giant robot that included in Autobots family. He has three forms; the robot form, the vehicle form which he turns into a jet, and an aircraft carrier. Especially for the Carrier mode, Broadside has 365 meters tall.

Who is bigger Optimus Prime or Megatron?

Both Megatron and Optimus Prime can transform into different objects. The only difference is that Optimus is actually a Prime, meaning that his original powers (he has lost the memories of being the Thirteen Prime, if you remember) are far bigger than Megatron’s, but he doesn’t seem to have any access to them.

Who is Tankor and why is he important to Megatron?

Tankor is the brute force part of Megatron ‘s first trio of Vehicon generals and commander of the powerful Tank Drones. He’s slow, simple-minded and immensely powerful. Lovably dim, his limited intelligence can be a drawback; he can easily be confused, misled, or even turned against Megatron, though temporarily.

Who are the Decepticons that fought Tankor in Transformers?

On an alternate Cybertron, Tankor fought alongside the Decepticons Obsidian, Razorclaw, Reptilion, and Blackarachnia against Optimus Primal and his Autobots. One of these battles – the most violent of that year – was interrupted by a mysterious ship that sucked those Decepticons up on beams of light and sped away.

How does Tankor transform into a TGV Super Express?

Tankor is physically identical to the 2003 Takara reissue version of Atlan, transforming into a TGV-A Super Express bullet train. He has a “socket” connector tab in the back of his train mode allows him to “pull” any fellow Micromaster train or footplate-weapon with a “peg” connector.

Can a Tankor be in a parallel universe?

Tankor is one of the few characters who could conceivably be the same ones who show up in the main Universe comic, but it is up to the reader to decide if that’s the case. In a parallel universe, the Predacon Megatron “decimated” Cybertron’s population by capturing their sparks.