What does a tube bait imitate?

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What does a tube bait imitate?

Anytime the tube or the water around it is moving, the tail of this bait is moving, creating action. Garry said that a tube is basically mimics a crawdad or a bait fish, and there are plenty of colors to help you match the forage on your home lake.

What hooks to use with tubes?

The 1/0 is perfect for 2.5″ tubes, the 2/0 is perfect for all standard tubes/double dip tubes, and a 3/0 is a great pairing for full size 4″ tubes. Again this is a small hook but heavy wire. You can still set it with standard spinning tackle but there is no fear of ever bending it out on a fish.

What size hooks for tubes?

Tube Jig Heads: Soft plastic tubes generally range in sizes from 2.5-3.5 inches. Most anglers use tube-style jigs with either 3/0-4/0 hook sizes to accommodate the smaller baits. The standard worm style hook works well for this lure because of their longer shanks.

What is the best trout rig?

Nightcrawlers are pretty much the ultimate bait rig for trout. They’re heavy enough for spin casting, irresistible to the fish, and effective on almost any water. To make it even better you can rig the nightcrawler to a gang hook.

What is the best bait for fishing?

Good natural freshwater fishing baits include worms, leeches, minnows, crayfish, crickets and grasshoppers. Freshwater bottom-feeders like catfish and carp are also attracted to cut fishing baits (cut-up bait fish) and prepared baits called dough balls.

What bait should you use in offshore fishing?

Bait for large saltwater fish can be various things, including mullet, eel, and herring. An interesting variation with live bait is to use inshore fish that offshore predators don’t normally see as bait. They tend to pursue these more aggressively. With that said, live bait is more expensive than dead bait.

What is the best fishing rig for bass?

One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is a drop shot rig. It especially works well in the clear deep waters of the high desert mountains where I live. The drop shot is an essential set up for fishing clear deep water. Typically, a drop shot shines when the bass are deep and finicky.