How do I clear the CSC cache in Windows 7?

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How do I clear the CSC cache in Windows 7?

Method two: clear the CSC folder

  1. Located to C:\Windows\CSC.
  2. To access this folder, you need take ownership firstly.
  3. Right-click CSC folder that you want to take ownership of, and then click Properties.
  4. Click the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.
  5. Click Edit.

What does CSC cache mean?

Method 1. The Offline Files cache is a folder structure located in the %SystemRoot%\CSC folder, which is hidden by default. The CSC folder, and any files and subfolders it contains, should not be modified directly; doing so can result in data loss and a complete breakdown of Offline Files functionality.

How do I find CSC cache?

Typically, the offline files cache is located in the following directory: %systemroot%\CSC .

Is it safe to delete CSC folder?

To delete the offline files in CSC Folder, you will first have to disable Offline Files. Then, you can change the permissions of the CSC Folder and its subfolders and delete them….Answers.

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How do I turn off CSC cache?


  1. Hi Brad,
  2. Please try to reset the cache.
  3. Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Sync Center.
  4. Click “Manage Offline Files”.
  5. Click “View your offline files”.
  6. Clear all contents.
  7. Click the “Disk Usage” tab.
  8. Click “Delete temporary files”.

What is in C :\ Windows CSC?

The C:\\ Windows\CSC folder used by the windows to keep the cache of the files and folder for which offline files feature is enabled. Windows does not display them in default configure because it treats this folder as system file. Then check the “show hidden files/folder” checkbox.

How do I clear a Windows CSC?

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  1. a. Open Sync Center and click on Manage Offline Files on the left.
  2. b. Select the Disable Offline Files Button and reboot the computer.
  3. a. Press Windows key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).
  4. b. Type these commands and press Enter after each one.
  5. c. Delete the folders under C:\Windows\CSC.

How do you remove a network drive that does not exist?

How to fix “This network connection does not exist”

  1. Access the regedit by searching it on windows.
  2. Delete the entry on this path.
  3. Navigate in the Regedit on the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Network.
  4. Delete all the entries on this path.
  5. Restart the Windows machine as the changes will not effect without a restart.

How do I remove a mapped drive that no longer exists?

4 ways to delete mapped network drives in Windows 10

  1. Use File Explorer to delete a mapped network drive from Windows 10.
  2. Run “net use /delete” in Command Prompt or PowerShell to delete a mapped network drive.
  3. Run “net use * /delete” in Command Prompt or PowerShell to delete all the mapped network drives.

How do I take ownership of a CSC folder in Windows 10?

Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\CSC\ and take ownership of the ‘CSC’ folder:

  1. Right click on the CSC folder and select properties.
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. Click on the Advanced button.
  4. In the owner section click on Change.
  5. Add your username and tick the box “Replace owner on…”.

How do I clear the CSC cache in Windows 10?

On the General tab, click on the View your offline files button. A new window opens. Locate the folder where you want to delete the cached offline copy. Right-click on the folder and select Delete Offline Copy.

Why is CSC-cache not working on my mapped drive?

Then after a couple of hours most of the folders on the one of the mapped drives disappeared. When I look at the drive instead of showing the file systems as NTFS it says CSC-CACHE the rest of the mapped drives are working correctly. I restarted the system no change.

Is the CSC cache on the network or offline?

On the properties of the drive it says CSC-CACHE. What is strange is that this drive isn’t even set to work offline, only the U: (home drive) is specified in the GPO and should be available offline. Any ideas? Thanks. I find with this, staff member may have right clicked the network drive and chose to sync it.

How can I remove CSC cache from my laptop?

I find with this, staff member may have right clicked the network drive and chose to sync it. If you go into Sync Centre (search in start) on the offending laptop, you should be able to remove the link.

How can I tell if my network drive is cached?

However if I right click on one of my mapped network drives (H:\\), under the general tab it says “Offline” and the file system is listed as “CSC-CACHE”. The pie graph also shows the current capacity and free space of my C:\\ drive and not the network drive.