How much does sod cost in Utah?

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How much does sod cost in Utah?

Sod Cost by Size

Unit of Measure Price Range Notes
Roll $3 – $8 Covers around 10 square feet
Pallet $150 – $450 Covers about 450 square feet
Square Foot $0.35 – $0.85 Most common
Square Yard $3.15 – $7.65 Multiply square foot price by 9

How much does sod cost in Utah County?

Square foot cost to install sod: The cost to install sod in Provo, Utah is around $1.41 per square foot installed (the cost ranges from $1.28 to $1.54).

Do I need to rototill before laying sod?

Properly eliminating your old lawn before laying new sod is the first critical step in ensuring that your new sod grows a strong root system. Once the lawn is mowed, you’ll want to use a rototiller to till the entire lawn about four to six inches in depth. You’ll need to rake any loose debris again during this process.

When can you buy sod in Utah?

Season Period for Laying Sod In Utah, you can install sod year-round; however, to ensure a healthy and green lawn, the best time is summer and fall, which allows the sod to take root for the upcoming winter.

What type of grass grows best in Utah?

Kentucky bluegrass – Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is the most common type of grass used in Utah. Cool season grasses characteristically endure cooler weather better than other types of grass.

Can I lay sod over existing grass?

Do Not Lay Sod Over Old Turf You do need to take out the old turf before you put in new sod. The old turf will break down (decompose), and this process releases gasses that will kill your new sod. In addition, by having that layer of vegetation under the soil, the roots still can’t grow through.

What is the best month to lay sod?

You can lay sod anytime during the growing season, although spring and early autumn are best—cool temperatures combined with occasional rain help sod quickly root.