What causes code P1345?

October 30, 2020 Off By idswater

What causes code P1345?

In many cases, this code is usually caused by simple electrical connection failure or a failed camshaft sensor. If there has been a misfire or failed sensor, then an additional code will come with P1345.

What happens if a crankshaft sensor goes bad?

If the crankshaft position sensor or its wiring have any issues, it can cause the crankshaft signal to be cut off while the engine is running, which can cause the engine to stall. This is usually a symptom of a wiring problem, however a bad crankshaft position sensor can also produce this symptom.

Can you drive without crankshaft sensor?

The crankshaft position sensor is the most important of all engine management sensors, and the engine will absolutely not run without it. In your case, a magnetic crankshaft positioning sensor is used.