What is Samba ad?

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What is Samba ad?

Samba implements the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The SMB protocol is used to access resources on a server, such as file shares and shared printers. You can use Samba to authenticate Active Directory (AD) domain users to a Domain Controller (DC).

How do I set up a samba ad?

To add a Samba server to an Active Directory domain:

  1. Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and configure the [global] section to use ADS: [global] security = ADS realm = KERBEROS.REALM.
  2. Install the krb5-server package: # yum install krb5-server.

Is Samba a domain controller?

Starting from version 4.0, Samba is able to run as an Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC). If you are installing Samba in a production environment, it is recommended to run two or more DCs for failover reasons. Samba as an AD DC only supports: the integrated LDAP server as AD back end.

Can a Samba server be connected to a LDAP server?

The LDAP server is already set up, and the machine the Samba server will be on is already set up to allow SSH access using LDAP authentication. It seems the most common use cases documented for Samba/LDAP integration involve storing Samba schemas on the LDAP server, synchronizing passwords, allowing password updates to LDAP via Samba, and so forth.

What do you need to know about samba OpenLDAP backend?

Some of the more important ones: workgroup name: has to match what you will configure in /etc/samba/smb.conf later on. ldap suffix: has to match the ldap suffix you chose when you configured the LDAP server. other ldap suffixes: they are all relative to ldap suffix above.

How to setup OpenLDAP as proxy to AD-Samba?

This requires that you have successfully configured an openLDAP proxy to AD. Create a new user in ADUC or with samba-tool, that nslcd will use for connecting to the AD (I’d used “nslcd-connect” in the example below). Adapt the following “/etc/nlscd.conf” example to your environment:

Which is LDAP protocol does Active Directory use?

Active Directory uses the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for read and write access. By default LDAP connections are unencrypted. To secure LDAP traffic, you can use SSL/TLS. This document will describe how to enable LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) by installing a certificate in Samba.