How old is John York?

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How old is John York?

62 years (December 10, 1958)
John J. York/Age

What happened to Mac Scorpio on General Hospital?

Robert found Mac trying to leave town on the next ship heading out of Port Charles. They had a fight in which Robert knocked Mac overboard. Mac was later presumed dead when no body was found.

Who plays Mac Scorpio?

John J. YorkGeneral Hospital
Mac Scorpio/Played by

Who is John York married to?

Vicki Mannersm. 1986
John J. York/Spouse

Is Frisco coming back to GH 2021?

Updated: January 25. According to Soap Opera Digest, Jack Wagner’s first day back as Frisco Jones will be on February 4.

How old is Scorpio on General Hospital?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Robert Scorpio
Born September 15, 1954
Age 66
Occupation District Attorney of PC Former Spy Former WSB agent Former Police Commissioner MRA containment specialist
Residence Port Charles, New York

Who is Mac Scorpio married to?

Mac Scorpio

Sibling(s) Robert Scorpio
Spouse(s) Felicia Jones (divorced)
Romances Jenny Eckert Dominique Stanton (dated; deceased) Felicia Jones (engaged) Katherine Bell (dated; deceased) Alexis Davis (flirtatious)
Children Maxie Jones (adoptive daughter) Georgie Jones (adoptive daughter; deceased)

How is Maxie related to Robert Scorpio?

Robert has one daughter, Robin Scorpio, with Anna. While Mac never had any children of his own, he married Felicia Jones and raised her two daughters, Maxie and Georgie, and also his niece, Robin, after her parents were presumed dead.

Is John York married?

Is Jack Wagner still acting?

Currently, he is seen playing Bill Avery on When Calls the Heart, as of 2014. A Hallmark Channel regular, Wagner also starred in the Wedding March movies, with The Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride premiering in February 2018.

Will Anna and Finn get married?

Finn got engaged to Anna and they rescheduled the first date and plan to have an August 2020 wedding. The wedding is rescheduled again to January 2021 and will be a double wedding with Peter and Maxie.