How much does Bosiet training cost in India?

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How much does Bosiet training cost in India?

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Course Fee INR Duration
BOSIET 18,000 3 days
HUET 8,000 1 day
FOET 10,000 1 day

What is offshore safety course?

Offshore Safety Course Overview: Diploma in Offshore Safety is a specific qualification exclusively designed for people associated with offshore oil and gas industry who are responsible for ensuring safety, health and security for workers as part of their daily routines.

What is Huet certificate?

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is important for anyone who flies a helicopter. It is necessary training for members of the armed forces aircrew, emergency service departments such as the fire brigade and for people who work offshore.

How long is Bosiet course?

Please check your requirements prior to booking. During the 3 day BOSIET Course, delegates will be provided with a range of knowledge and skills relevant to: Safety Induction.

How can I check my OPITO BOSIET certificate?

The workforce can access their OPITO training record using the free mobile application, OPITO TRAIN-R.

What is BOSIET Huet course?

BOSIET COURSE (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training) is a minimum requirement to work offshore. The course consists of four modules; Safety Induction, Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET), Sea Survival and First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Rescue.

How much does BOSIET cost?

How much is BOSIET training cost. The Price of BOSIET training course range depending on where you attend the course and how good the competition is in your region. It can cost as low as 400 USD and go up to 2000 USD and more. In Nigeria, the cost is around 250,000 naira.

How long is offshore survival valid for?

4 years
OPITO FOET, often referred to as your ‘Survival Refresher’, is a 1-day training course required every 4 years in order to continue to be certified to work in the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

Who needs HUET training?

Main industry sectors requiring HUET training include helicopter flight crews, offshore industries such as oil and gas, law enforcement and military transport personnel.

How long is HUET training?

four years
The HUET certificate will last four years. The four-year HUET training validity is a way to ensure that personnel continuously update their skills. As long as the HUET training is valid, you can travel by helicopter to and from offshore sites.

What is Bosiet training course?

An OPITO-approved BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) with Compressed Air Breathing System (CA-EBS) is a course which provides the students with know-how relevant to travelling offshore by helicopter and working offshore.

Which is the best Offshore Safety Course in India?

The course focuses on topics like Basic Safety Engineering, Offshore Safety, Fire Prevention and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.

What kind of training does the offshore industry need?

Offshore Industry Training: We provide internationally accredited Safety, Survival, and Emergency Response training for the offshore Oil & Gas Industry. Our courses are designed to help the industry – and its personnel – work safely and competently at all levels and we Endeavour to deliver them to industry-accredited standards.

How does Pondichery international safety training academy work?

Training team is composed of dedicated, with hands-on experience. We provide Internationally Accredited Safety, Survival, and Emergency Response Training. We deliver a broad range of onshore and offshore training courses. Can’t Decide the Right Course? Don’t Worry!

Which is the safest transfer technique for offshore workers?

For all offshore worker. Safe technique to adopt for transfer by basket and swing rope. For those who man the Central Control Room of an installation / production facility. For crane operations support crew, load preparation, lifting and transfer. For all offshore Marine and Drilling crew, Safety officer.