How many beds does Baptist South Montgomery have?

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How many beds does Baptist South Montgomery have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Baptist Medical Center South 2105 East South Boulevard Montgomery, AL 36116
Total Staffed Beds: 386
Total Patient Revenue: $1,593,578,060
Total Discharges: 14,979
Total Patient Days: 88,615

Is Baptist Health South Florida part of Baptist Health?

About Baptist Health South Florida In addition, it includes Baptist Health Medical Group; Baptist Health Quality Network; and Baptist Health Care On Demand, a virtual health platform.

Where is Baptist Health South Florida?

The company was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida.

What county is Baptist South Hospital in?

St. Johns County
Baptist Medical Center South | Hospitals/Clinics – St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, FL.

What county is Montgomery AL in?

Montgomery County

Why is Baptist Health logo a pineapple?

The pineapple became a symbol of hospitality in Europe during the Italian Renaissance period. Upon completion of their orientation program, all new Baptist Health employees receive a pineapple pin to attach to their hospital identification badge as a symbol of our commitment to hospitality.

What is Baptist Health known for?

It is because of their generosity, compassion and commitment to clinical and service excellence that we have a reputation for high-quality care. Baptist Health offers an extensive range of medical and surgical services, supported by state-of-the-art technology and renowned Centers of Excellence.

What is Montgomery AL known for?

Montgomery is nationally known for its many historic/cultural landmarks and events such as the Alabama State Capitol, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, First White House of the Confederacy, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Hank Williams Memorial, Alabama War Memorial and Alabama Shakespeare Theater.

What do Southern Baptists believe and teach?

Many Southern Baptists believe in Dispensationalism and teach the view in Southern Baptist churches and seminaries. Dispensationalism teaches that history is divided into a series of epochs, or dispensations. Each epoch represents a different covenant between God and humanity.

What do Southern Baptists believe in?

Salvation. For Southern Baptists, salvation is intensely personal. They believe all human beings are born sinful and deserve eternal punishment in hell. Southern Baptists teach that people must accept Christ as their savior and Lord and ask Him to forgive their sins in order to be saved from hell.

What is Southern Baptist theology?

Southern Baptist theology allows for significant diversity in some areas of belief, but the resurrection of Jesus is not one of them. Southern Baptists also hold a common belief that the dead will be resurrected when Christ returns. According to Southern Baptist belief, Jesus Christ died on the cross.

What are Southern Baptist beliefs?

Southern Baptist Religious Beliefs. Southern Baptists hold unique religious beliefs about the Bible and baptism. Southern Baptists represent a strong strain of Christianity in the West. They share many core religious beliefs with all Christians, but they have their own distinctive beliefs as well.