What are the guidelines given in the flag code?

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What are the guidelines given in the flag code?

3.7 The Flag shall always be hoisted briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously. When the hoisting and the lowering of the Flag is accompanied by appropriate bugle calls, the hoisting and lowering should be simultaneous with the bugle calls.

What is the proper use of the national flag?

The National Flag should be displayed only in a manner befitting a national symbol; it should not be subjected to indignity, not displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. It should always be flown aloft and free.

Can we keep national flag at home?

The Indian flag code was modified on 26th January 2002 which finally allowed citizens of India to hoist the Indian flag over their homes, offices and factories on any day of the year. Section 2 of the new code accepts the right of all private citizens to fly the flag on their premises.

Is flag code a law?

The “flag code” is the federal law that sets forth guidelines for the appearance and display of the U.S. flag (“flag”) by private citizens. These guidelines specify times and conditions for display of the flag, manners and methods of display, and buildings where such display should occur.

How do we show respect to our national flag?

Those not in uniform should salute the flag by standing at attention, tall and straight, with the left arm at the side, and placing the right hand over the heart. Men who are wearing a hat should remove the hat with their right hand and hold it over their shoulder so that their right hand is over their heart.

Who can do flag hoisting?

HOISTING/DISPLAY OF THE NATIONAL FLAG BY THE CENTRAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS AND THEIR ORGANISATIONS AND AGENCIES. 3.1 The provisions of this part shall not apply to Defence Installations that have their own rule for display of the National Flag.

Can we wash national flag?

The flag is based on the Swaraj flag, a flag of the Indian National Congress designed by Pingali Venkayya. Khadi or hand-spun cloth is the only material allowed to be used for the flag, and flying a flag made of any other material is punishable by law with imprisonment up to three years, besides a fine.

How are national flags supposed to be displayed?

manner befitting the national emblems. They should not be displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. It is improper to use the national flags as a table or seat cover or as a masking for boxes, barriers, or the intervening space between a dais or. platform and the floor.

Where is the United Nations flag supposed to be?

The United Nations flag may not be displayed above or in a position of superior prominence to the United States flag except at United Nations Headquarters. The flag, when displayed with another against a wall—both from crossed staffs—should be on the right (the flag’s own right), and its staff should be in front of the other staff.

What are the rules for flying the American flag?

When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height, and the American flag should be hoisted first and lowered last. The flag and its likeness should be treated with respect. Its image should not be cheapened or tarnished by improper use.

Why do we have a Union Flag in the UK?

This is not surprising as it has been around for over 400 years with only minor. changes. The Union Flag signifies the unity of the nations that make up the United Kingdom and dependencies, and demonstrates the bonds of citizen- ship which we all share.

What do you need to know about the national flag?

The National Flag represents our country and is considered to be a living thing emblematic of the respect and pride we have for our nation. Display it proudly. 170. National anthem; Star-Spangled Banner. 171. Conduct during playing. 172. Pledge of allegiance to the flag; manner of delivery. 173.

What are the rules for displaying the flag?

Guidelines for Display of the Flag Public Law 94-344, known as the Federal Flag Code, contains rules for handling and displaying the U.S. flag. While the federal code contains no penalties for misusing the flag, states have their own flag codes and may impose penalties.

How are flags displayed at the United Nations?

The exception to this is when flags of other countries are also displayed, such as at the United Nations or during the Olympic Games. If multiple flags are flown on the same staff, the national flag is to be flown above the others, at the top of the staff. Display the flags of multiple nations as equals.

Where does the u.s.flag go on a building?

When the U.S. flag is displayed from as projecting from a building, the union of the flag should be placed at the peak of the unless the flag is at half-staff. When suspended from a rope extending from the building on a pole, the flag should be hoisted out, union first from the building.