Is Les Gold still in business?

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Is Les Gold still in business?

Visitors are often surprised to learn that the store still operates as a full-service pawn shop and that members of the Gold family are still heavily involved in the daily operations in the store despite their busy filming and appearance schedules.

What’s the name of the famous pawn shop in Detroit?

Hardcore Pawn
Hardcore Pawn is an American reality television series produced by RDF USA (later Zodiak USA) and Richard Dominick Productions for truTV about the day-to-day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned and -operated pawn shop and broker in Detroit, Michigan’s 8 Mile Road corridor.

Where is Rich Pyle now?

He’s now part of “Meltdown,” a new show on the National Geographic Channel that follows him and two other urban treasure hunters searching for precious metals in unlikely places, hoping to turn junk into gold.

What is Seth Gold doing now?

Seth and Les Gold, the co-owners of American Jewelry & Loan who are known for their reality TV show “Hardcore Pawn,” are preparing to expand their business Downriver. As with the business’ other locations, customers will be able to pawn jewelry, lawn equipment, electronics, TVs, video games, fur coats and more.

Where is Ashley gold now?

Ashley Gold of “Hardcore Pawn” fame is branching out on her own. The Bloomfield Township resident, who spent nine seasons on the popular reality TV show, is now hawking jewelry through her own website at, which she describes as online shopping destination for men and women.

Is American Jewelry and Loan staged?

They were filming the day I was there and the scenes are definitely staged. It’s nothing more than an ordinary pawn shop.

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When did AJL pawn shop in Detroit Open?

AJL was opened in 1978, and has since become one of the largest and most recognized pawn shops in the world. It is the setting of the record-breaking reality show, Hardcore Pawn, but remains a dedicated, full-service pawn shop for the Metro Detroit area and beyond.

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