How many robe hooks should you have in a bathroom?

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How many robe hooks should you have in a bathroom?

A small bathroom may only have enough open wall space for one 24” towel bar, but the same space could hold three or four robe hooks. If several people will use one bathroom, you could install a hook for each person so no one uses the wrong bath towel!

Where do you hang a bathroom robe hook?

Robe hooks can be installed anywhere in the room, though it’s ideal to keep at least one at an arm’s length of the shower. Robe hooks should be mounted around 65 to 70 inches off the ground. As long as your towel or robe doesn’t drag on the floor, any height above 60 inches works.

What are robe hooks for?

You can use robe hooks to hold things like glass wipers, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, scissors, hairdryers, curling irons, loofas or bath sponges. Bathroom robe hooks are more sturdy compared to pegboard hooks, which always seem to fall out when you remove something that hangs on them.

Where should towels be placed in a bathroom?

Towel Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

  1. Towel Rings & Bars.
  2. Baskets are a practical option.
  3. Find over-the-shower towel racks.
  4. Hang them on a hook.
  5. Install cabinets in free spaces.
  6. Utilize the space above your toilet.
  7. Wasted space below the sink.
  8. Towel stands are still trendy.

Where should a hand towel be placed in a bathroom?

6 Places to Hang a Hand Towel

  1. Side of Vanity – Hooks or Rail. Photo by MINOSA – Browse bathroom ideas.
  2. Side Rail on Wall Next to Vanity. Photo by LSA Architects – Discover bathroom design inspiration.
  3. Hand Towel Hook.
  4. Hand Towel Ring/Holder.
  5. Draped on Vanity Bench – (No really hanging but still an option)
  6. Vanity Shelf.

Can you put a robe hook in a shower?

You can confidently use our hooks and other products on the wet wall of the shower to maximize your space, either above or below the shower control valve and below the showerhead without compromising any plumbing.

How much weight can a robe hook hold?

According to Felidio, they can hold about 33 pounds of weight when properly installed, and measure about 1.9” in diameter.

Do towels dry on hooks?

1. You double-up when hanging them on hooks. Using hooks to hang-dry towels between uses isn’t that bad (though using a towel bar is better), but you should never hang more than one per hook. Moisture and debris could get trapped among the layers, which growing bacteria and mold just love.

What is a double robe hook?

This anchor-like double robe hook is an elegant solution for hanging towels and clothes in the bathroom. The brushed nickel finish adds a warm look of stainless steel to your bathroom. Designed with the Pro-Fit installation system, it includes easy-to-use mounting hardware for quick, hassle-free installation.

Where do you hang towel hooks in a small bathroom?

Hanging towels lets you store more of them in a narrow area. Mount simple hooks above or next to the sink for small hand towels and washcloths.