Can you install an EverTune bridge?

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Can you install an EverTune bridge?

The EverTune Custom Installation Program is available to over 100 countries. ** Installation costs shown exclude the cost of the bridges to be installed.

How much does EverTune cost?

In general their prices range from $150 – $350 for F model installations and $250 – $500 for G model but each installer is different.

What is ESP EverTune?

Here is the short version of how it works: EverTune is an all mechanical bridge that uses a spring and a lever to keep each string in tune. With an EverTune, you might need to change your strings before having to retune your guitar. ESP has a number of models available that come with the EverTune bridge installed.

What is EverTune bridge?

The EverTune bridge keeps a guitar in tune despite changes in tension. The mechanical device maintains a constant state of tension despite changes in temperature or humidity or the exertion of pressure on the string.

Where is EverTune located?

Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California, U.S. EverTune is an American company that produces the EverTune bridge, designed to keep guitar strings in tune.

Can you bend with EverTune?

A patented all mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps your guitar in tune under any conditions. And yes, you can bend normally with EverTune.

How do I raise my action EverTune?

To adjust the action height of each EverTune saddle, turn the hex key in the action hole. To move the saddle up, turn the hex key counterclockwise. To move the saddle down, turn the hex key clockwise.

Can you do bends with EverTune?

Does EverTune fix intonation?

With an EverTune bridge, you will retain the ability to keep consistent tuning and intonation across all strings, regardless of how heavy you play or environmental conditions your instrument may be exposed to, such as changes in humidity or temperature.

What do I need to install EverTune on my computer?

Installation prices include a setup with our default string packs ( D’addario EXL 110 10-46) and tuning (EBGDAE). Other strings must be sent to us. Custom tunings must be listed in the form below. The neck has to be attached to the body in order for us to install in the proper position.

What should I know about EverTune bridge installation?

The EverTune installation, like all bridge installations, requires a high degree of precision when making the initial and subsequent measurements. Any mis-alignment may result in an improper route, and a ruined guitar.

How much does it cost for EverTune custom tuning?

Custom tunings must be listed in the form below. The neck has to be attached to the body in order for us to install in the proper position. Some bridges require light wood filling, such as Fender strats with the trem bar, for these installations we charge an extra $50.

How long does it take to return a EverTune guitar?

Turnaround time is about 2 – 3 weeks. Upon notification that installation is complete, payment is due. Once we receive payment and a return shipping label we will immediately ship the guitar back. * What do we mean by ANY NEW GUITAR?