How do you cite a deposition in Bluebook?

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How do you cite a deposition in Bluebook?

According to Bluebook style, evidence from a deposition should be cited in parentheses within the text.

  1. List the last name of the witness providing the deposition.
  2. List the type of court document, followed by the page number and a period.
  3. Cite directly after quoting or paraphrasing from a deposition.

How do you cite a newspaper article in Bluebook?

The citation should have: Full author(s) name, Title of the Article, Newspaper title in small caps(abbreviated according to T. 10 and T. 13), Full Date (and time, if there is one), followed by the url.

How do you Bluebook cite a law journal?

The proper bluebook citation for nonconsecutively paginated journals and magazines is: author, title of work (in italics), periodical name (in small caps), date of issue as it is on the cover, the word at, first page of the work.

How do you cite deposition transcripts?

How to Cite a Deposition Transcript

  1. List the last name of the person testifying. For example: Smith. List the abbreviation for the type of source material.
  2. Enclose the entire citation in parentheses. For example, write (Smith Dep. 19.)
  3. Place your citation directly after the sentence it supports. For example, write “Mr.

How do you abbreviate deposition?

BP Table BT1 indicates that “Deposition” should be abbreviated as “Dep.”

What are the two major books on citation guidelines?

Provide the names of the two major books on citation guidelines. The Bluebook – A Uniform system of Citation and The Indigo Book: A Manual of Legal Citation 6.

Are law journals consecutively paginated?

Distinguishing Between Consecutively and Nonconsecutively Paginated Periodicals. Most law reviews and scholarly journals are consecutively paginated and most magazines and other non-scholarly publications are nonconsecutively paginated.

How do I cite FTC complaints?

Cite the complaint in order as complaint, case name, federal supplement, court, date and filing number. For example: Complaint at 39, Peter v. Paul, 287 F. Supp.

Can you use ID for record cites?

The Bluebook allows the use of id. with record cites. Id. should be underlined or italicized consistently with other cites in the brief.

How do you quote a deposition in a motion?

How do you abbreviate plaintiff?

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