What happened to Abdullah Kurdi family?

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What happened to Abdullah Kurdi family?

The boy, along with his parents and older brother, were on a rubber boat carrying Syrians who had fled the country’s civil strife and hoping to find a new life in Europe. The vessel capsized on the way to the Greek island of Kos. Of the four family members, only the father, Abdullah Kurdi, survived.

Where did Alan Kurdi come from?

Kurdi is believed to have been born about 2012 in Kobanî, Syria. A Syrian journalist stated that the family name was Shenu; “Kurdi” was used in Turkey because of their ethnic background. After moving between various cities in northern Syria to escape the civil war and ISIL, his family settled in Turkey.

What happened to Abdullah Kurdi?

Three-year-old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi died while crossing the Aegean sea with his family to reach the European Union. Alan’s body, which was washed up on a beach in Kos, Greece, was photographed by Turkish journalist Nilufer Demir.

Who took the photo of Alan Kurdi?

Nilüfer Demir
Nilüfer Demir (born 1986) is a Turkish photojournalist and photographer based in Bodrum, Turkey. She worked with Doğan News Agency since she was a teenager. She covered the European migrant crisis during the summer of 2015 and her photographs of Alan Kurdi became world news on 2 September 2015.

How old was Alan Kurdi when he died?

Alan Kurdi tragically died on Wednesday September 2, 2015. His mother and brother also met the same fate when their boat capsized during their perilous voyage in the Mediterranean, fleeing the devastation of Syria for Turkey. His lifeless body washed up on a beach in his little Velcro shoes, he was only three years old.

Who is the father of Alan Kurdi from Iraq?

Abdullah Kurdi: ‘I am visiting refugee camps in the name of my son Alan. I have seen their suffering. I will not fail them.’ Photograph: Adnan R Khan A bdullah Kurdi strikes a refined note sitting in the Saray Cafe of the luxury Divan Hotel in Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

What was the story of the Kurdi family?

The Kurdi family’s story is an all too common narrative for the people of that region. Thousands have died making that fateful journey and sadly, most of the Kurdi family can now be added to that list.

How did Alan Kurdi get on the boat?

Within a week of the tragedy, accusations surfaced that Kurdi may have been a people-smuggler after one of the survivors claimed he had organised the fateful journey across the Aegean and driven the flimsy rubber boat himself, despite having no boating experience.