What happened to Gloria Muliro marriage?

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What happened to Gloria Muliro marriage?

Gloria married Pastor Eric Omba Miko in 2009 in a colourful wedding, but walked out of the marriage, citing infidelity. She told Tukuza that she was now happy, having found peace which had eluded her before. “One of the things I appreciate and will never take for granted is peace.

Is Gloria Muliro getting married?

Gospel Singer Gloria Muliro is now a happily engaged woman barely six years after walking out of a troubled marriage and according to the songbird, the wedding plans are at an advanced stage. Gospel singer Gloria Muliroa and Evans Sabwami.

Who is Gloria Muliro engaged?

Her fiance Evans Sabwami, is a pastor, an engineer, and a graphics artist. When Gloria Murilo walked out of her marriage with pastor Eric Omba, she cited infidelity.

Why did Eunice Njeri leave her husband?

After a private wedding that took place in Texas in 2016, Eunice Njeri’s marriage crumbled and separated with her husband. It is alleged that the gospel singer was not ready for commitment from the beginning after she allegedly signed a ‘blank paper’ instead of the marriage certificate.

Does Gloria Muliro have a child?

Gloria has no children of her own. However, with her big heart, she launched Gloria Children’s Home which caters to orphans.

Who is Mercy Masika husband?

Gospel power couple Mercy Masika and her husband David Muguro have been married for 12 years.

Is Eunice Njeri married now?

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri has opened up on her 24-hour marriage to gospel rapper Isaac Bukasa, alias Izzo, back in 2016.

Who did Eunice Njeri marry?

Isaac Bukasa aka Izzo
That was two years ago. Njeri and her then fiancé Isaac Bukasa aka Izzo exchanged vows on November 27th in a Texas church and from the photos shared on social media, the couple couldn’t be happier. That would be short-lived.

Where does Gloria Muliro come from?

Vihiga County, Kenya
Gloria Muliro/Place of birth

What tribe is Mercy Masika?

Mercy Masika tribe, Kamba, has helped her minister to those who do not understand the English and Swahili dialect. Since her entrant into the music gospel industry in 1994, Mercy Masika has had five albums and won numerous awards.

Is Mercy Masika a Kamba?

What tribe is size 8 from?

Is size 8 a Kikuyu? The Mateke hitmaker is from a mixed tribe family. Her father is from Uganda, and her late mother was a Kikuyu. During a peace campaign in 2017, Size 8 told her followers that she is a Bukusu.