What are 5 cities in Germany?

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What are 5 cities in Germany?

Biggest Cities In Germany

  1. Berlin – 3,520,031. Berlin is the capital of Germany and holds city-state status as the city is surrounded by the state of Brandenburg.
  2. Hamburg – 1,787,408.
  3. Munich – 1,450,381.
  4. Cologne – 1,060,582.
  5. Frankfurt am Main – 732,688.
  6. Stuttgart – 623,738.
  7. Düsseldorf – 612,178.
  8. Dortmund – 586,181.

How many cities Germany have?

There are 596 cities and a total of 2,665 localities in this part of the country. The eastern part of the country hosts the capital of Germany, Berlin, the largest city in the country. In our list of cities, the cities of East Germany are marked with the letter “E”.

What is Germany’s major city?


Where is the best city in Germany?

Here are the 10 best cities in Germany for work:

  • Berlin. The German capital Berlin is home to big and globally recognized companies which are amongst the biggest employers in the globe.
  • Frankfurt.
  • Munich.
  • Stuttgart.
  • Hamburg.
  • Cologne.
  • Dusseldorf.
  • Bonn.

What is Germany’s oldest city?

Founded in 16 BC during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus, Trier is Germany’s oldest city and an important site for ancient art treasures and monuments, such as the Porta Nigra, the best-preserved city gate from the ancient world.

What is the most spoken language in Germany?

Germany/Official languages

How old is Germany?

The nation-state now known as Germany was first unified in 1871 as a modern federal state, the German Empire. In the first half of the 20th century, two devastating World Wars, of which Germany was responsible for, left the country occupied by the victorious Allied powers.

What is Germany famous for?

Germany is famous for being the Land of Poets and Thinkers. From vital inventions to Christmas traditions, sausages and beer, Germany is home to plenty of culture, history and quirky laws! Germany is also known for its major cities, the Black Forest, the Alps and Oktoberfest.