How big is Schweizer Strasse in Frankfurt, Germany?

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How big is Schweizer Straße in Frankfurt, Germany?

Schweizer Straße is a two to three-lane street with standard-sized footpaths on both sides. Brückenstraße and Wallstraße are one to two-lane streets.

What does the Medical Center Frankfurt Sachsenhausen do?

To our privacy policy. We treat acute as well as chronic illnesses in the Haus und Facharzt-Zentrum Frankfurt Sachsenhausen and help you to maintain your health in the long term. Modern medical procedures are complemented by proven methods from natural medicine – including acupuncture.

Which is the Best Medical Center in Frankfurt?

At the Haus und Facharztzentrum Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, patients value the short distances and the fast scheduling. We make every effort to provide you with all the diagnostic and therapeutic services you can possibly need in one day, on a single appointment, and in the most comfortable way possible: