How will I know if I got into UGA?

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How will I know if I got into UGA?

This group of decisions is made up of only offers of admission, and if you were admitted, you will be able to see the decision on your Admission Status page (so only admitted students will see a decision change on their status page) and these admits will receive an email communication.

How many deferred applicants are accepted UGA?

The rough breakdown of decisions are as such: 8,066 admits, 10,000+ deferred, roughly 2,500 denied and slightly over 200 incomplete.

What was UGA acceptance rate 2021?

UGA has an acceptance rate of 45 percent with 41 percent of applicants choosing to enroll. Using acceptance rate data from previous years, we can project that the UGA acceptance rate in 2021 is going to be around 46%….Historical Trend and Acceptance Rate 2021 Projection.

Year Acceptance Rate
2021 45.5

Does UGA do rolling admissions?

Transfers: While there is no difference in a decision due to when you apply, we make decisions on a rolling basis, and the earlier your have a complete application, the earlier you will most likely hear a decision (with some exceptions).

What time do UGA decisions come out 2021?

UGA Decision Dates for 2021 The final two decision dates for UGA freshman applicants are now set (unless some major issue impacts our office), with the smaller February wave of decisions will be released on Friday, February 12, while the final decisions in March will be released on Friday, March 19.

Is UGA test optional for fall 2022?

The Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia (USG) announced this week that the twenty-six USG colleges and universities for the state of Georgia will be requiring submission of an SAT or ACT score for admission for First Year students applying for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 terms and subsequent semesters …

Why did I get deferred from UGA?

When our office ‘defers’ a student, it means that we find the applicant academically sound, but based on the information that we have received from the student in the early action application, we need additional info to make a final admissions decision.

Is UGA test optional 2021?

UGA is Test Optional for Fall 2021 Due to the continued challenges facing prospective applicants concerning access to standardized tests caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of Georgia has decided to make SAT or ACT test score submission optional for the Fall 2021 application process.

Is UGA test optional?

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia public universities will once again start requiring standardized test scores for enrollment in 2022. The University System of Georgia announced Wednesday it will resume requiring test scores beginning with students seeking admission for Spring 2022.

Is UGA test optional for 2021?

What are factors considered in UGA admission decisions?

UGA’s Faculty Admissions Committee has identified a number of additional factors that may be considered in admission decisions or merit scholarship consideration.

When is the deadline for regular decision at UGA?

Regular Decision provides applicants an opportunity to be reviewed at a later date in UGA’s admission cycle. This gives students additional time to add any updated test scores, include first semester senior year grades, and add any additional supporting documents. Regular Decision has a deadline of January 1.

Is there a deferral for admission to UGA?

This gives students admitted in EA more time to explore UGA before the commitment deadline. There are three possible decisions released for EA applicants: an offer of admission, a deferral of decision, or a denial of admission.

How to apply for admission to the University of Georgia?

Submit supplemental documents to complete your application. Check the status of your completed Admission application. The best way to experience the University of Georgia is to see it for yourself. Fill out and file essential Financial Aid documents. Fill out applications and make deposits on University Housing. Don’t miss an essential deadline.