Which pros use Lamkin grips?

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Which pros use Lamkin grips?

Lamkin Grips just announced the addition of PGA TOUR players Keegan Bradley and Brendan Steele to their star-studded endorsement team. The new partnership formalizes the company’s long relationship with both players, who have used Lamkin’s best-selling Crossline grips throughout their professional golf careers.

Where are Lamkin grips made?

Operating factories in both Tijuana, Mexico and Guangzhou, China, Lamkin is well situated to manufacture and deliver to your final assembly partner or directly to your warehouses in North America or Asia.

What golf grips last the longest?

One thing to note, it’s not uncommon for Tour players to use two different grips. They might use a normal grip on most clubs and a cord grip on wedges. This helps as they tend to practice with the wedges more and corded grips last the longest.

Are Pure Grips good?

For the millions of golfers who just want a basic, no-frills grip, the PURE Pro is perfect. It has a balanced feel, good performance, and, most important, it lasts forever. That means less time in the shop replacing your grips and more time on the course playing golf.

Is the Lamkin crossline grip a classic grip?

This review will highlight why the Crossline is such a classic grip and should be considered for future re-grips. The appearance of the Lamkin Crossline grip is simply classic. There’s really no better way to put it other than classic.

What kind of logo is on Lamkin grip?

While Lamkin has implemented its more modern block letter wordmark logo on their other grip lines, they have maintained the traditional script logo in gold on the base of the grip.

Which is better Lamkin crossline or Lamkin UTX?

The Crossline is average in terms of grip in wet weather condition, but the Crossline Full Cord is not only great, but might be the best in the game. For my money, its only rival is the Lamkin UTx that we reviewed here . The Crossline grips maintain their “grip” for quite awhile due to using an exceptionally durable synthetic rubber material.

What are the benefits of Lamkin Golf Clubs?

The peformance benefit is that you just have to worry about swinging the club and hitting a golf shot instead of launching your club into that lake in front of the tee box. Aside from good feedback, feel, and control, the Lamkin Crossline is also durable.