What size is a 40mm nut?

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What size is a 40mm nut?

Size Chart

Bolt size Size Tolerance
38mm 38.10
1″UNF 1-1/2″ 38.20
1-9/16″ 39.78
40mm 40.10

What size nut is M8?

M8 Hexagon Nuts (DIN 934) – Marine Stainless Steel (A4) Technical Specification

Finish Natural
Nut Width A/F (J) 13mm
Nut Width A/P (P) 14.38mm
Thread Pitch 1.25mm
Thread Size M8 (8mm)

What size is a 3mm nut?

Metric Metric or Imperial? M3 (3mm) Thread Size. 2.4mm Nut Thickness (T)

How do I calculate nut size?

Place the end of a measuring tape on one of the flat sides of the nut’s outer perimeter. Stretch the tape measure across the nut’s diameter to the flat-side directly across from the one your pulling from. If the nut is metric, count the number of lines on the tape measure to find the measurement.

What size nut does a 10mm wrench fit?

So what is a 10mm socket equivalent? The equivalent imperial size of a 10mm socket is a 3/8 socket.

Is M8 bolt 8mm?

So an M8 bolt would have a shaft diameter that’s slightly under 8mm which means that the bolt should fit through an 8mm hole. For example, an M8 bolt with a standard coarse thread pitch of 1.25mm would require a hole of 6.75mm diameter to be tapped.

What size is a 16mm nut?

M16 (16mm) Thread Size. 13mm Nut Thickness (T)

What does m20 nut mean?

M = Metric thread designation. 8 = Nominal diameter, in millimeters. 1.0 = Pitch (distance from thread to thread), in millimeters. 20 = Length, in millimeters (see below) This example illustrates how a coarse threaded screw may appear…

What size is a M6 nut?


Size DIN DIN934
M3.5 6.00 2.80
M4 7.00 3.20
M5 8.00 4.00
M6 10.00 5.00