How many colleges are there in Mumbai for architecture?

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How many colleges are there in Mumbai for architecture?

There are a total of 11 colleges which provide admissions to Architecture courses in Mumbai.

What is the fees of architecture?

Bachelor of Architecture: Course Details

B Arch Full-Form Bachelor of Architecture
B Arch Course Duration 5-Years
B Arch Admission Process Entrance Exam Based
B Arch Eligibility 50% marks in class 12 or Class 10 + Diploma from a recognized college
B Arch Average Course Fee INR 4-8 Lakhs

Where can I study architecture for free?

Four Ways to Learn About Architecture for Free

  • MIT OpenCourseWare: Architecture.
  • Delft University of Technology OpenCourseWare.
  • EdX: Architecture.
  • Open Online Academy.

Is Nata exam difficult?

Download NATA Question Papers to know which type of questions were asked and the difficulty level of the exam….NATA Exam Analysis 2020.

Section Difficulty Level
Maths Easy
Aptitude Moderate
Drawing Moderate-Difficult
Overall Moderate

What should I do after 12th in architecture?

Some of the top undergraduate architecture courses are listed below:

  1. Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)
  2. Bachelor of Architecture in Landscape Architecture.
  3. Bachelor of Architecture in Building and Construction Management.
  4. Bachelor of Planning (B. Plan)
  5. Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Technology.

Which is the best college for architecture?

Top Architecture Colleges in India

  • School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), Delhi.
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee.
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.
  • Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai.
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology – Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

How long is architecture course?

People who want to receive an architecture degree that will facilitate their licensure as an architect have two options: either a five-year undergraduate degree in architecture known as a B. Arch. or a post-college master’s program known as an M. Arch., which usually takes two or three years to complete.