Is actress Belinda effah a Ghanaian?

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Is actress Belinda effah a Ghanaian?

Nigerian star Belinda Effah is one of the most celebrated actresses in Nigeria and Africa at large. She has featured in numerous top-selling movies and popular television series. The Ghanaian multi-talented actor is also a famous model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Where does Belinda effah come from?

Cross River, Nigeria
Belinda Effah/Place of birth

When was Belinda effah born?

December 14, 1989 (age 31 years)
Belinda Effah/Date of birth

Does Belinda effah have a baby?

Nollywood actress Belinda Effah welcomes baby Nollywood actress Belinda Effah has supposedly been delivered of a baby boy out of wedlock. According to Linda Ikeji the popular Nollywood actress who many did not know was even pregnant has just welcomed a baby boy.

Why did Belinda effah change her name?

According to the movie star, the reason behind her name change was that she had a divine encounter with God. Bassey made this known during a press briefing organised on Monday, April 25, 2021, to unveil her new name and brand. Also with the fact that Belinda was not the first name that my parents gave to me.

Who is Belinda effah parents?

The promising actress was born into a large polygamous family. Her late father, Chief Asido Bassey Effah was a commander in the Nigerian Navy. According to Belinda, her dad was a very strict disciplinarian, who imbibed the culture of discipline and hardwork in all his children.

Does Belinda effah have a child?

What is the meaning of Belinda?

a female given name: from an Old Spanish word meaning “beautiful.”

Is Belinda EFA married?

Belinda Effah Marriage: Is Belinda Effah Married No, the actress is not married, yet. She once stated in an interview that, she would have no problem settling down with a fellow actor. She is also a known anti-divorce advocate.

Is Belinda a common name?

Belinda entered the US popularity lists in 1940, and went on to reach Number 142 in 1961.

Who is the Nigerian actress called Belinda Effah?

Belinda Effah is a Nigerian actress and presenter.

Where did Belinda Effah go to high school?

Belinda Effah was born on the 14 th of December 1989, in Cross River State, Southern Nigeria. She attended Hillside International Nursery and Primary School, then went on to the Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt. After secondary school, she proceeded to the University of Calabar, where she studied Genetics and Bio-Technology.

Who is the CEO of House of Belinda?

Belinda Effah: Biography And Career Journey Of An Actress And Filmmaker. Belinda Effah is an award-winning Nigerian actress, presenter, and filmmaker. The seasoned actress is also the CEO of House of Belinda (HOB), a fashion outlet in Abuja.

Where was Effah Abraham born and where was he born?

Effah was born on December 14, 1989 in Cross River State, a coastal state in Southern Nigeria.