What kind of dog is an English Mastiff?

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What kind of dog is an English Mastiff?

In general, English Mastiffs are gentle and affectionate. A breed that was developed to serve as a guardian of its family’s estate, the English Mastiff excels at its job. A dog that can be a challenge to train, the English Mastiff responds best to positive reinforcement training.

What’s the life expectancy of an English Mastiff?

In order to be recognized by the AKC, males should grow to a height of at least 30 inches. Females need to be at least 27.5 inches. Their life expectancy is 6-10 years, which is in line with other large dogs. Typically, the bigger the dog, the shorter the life span.

When did the English Mastiff come to America?

Much later, in 1885, they were formally recognized by the AKC after having made their way to the United States. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the breed was once known for being hunters and fighters, almost back to their origins in Europe and Asia thousands of years ago.

What to do if you know of a Mastiff in need?

If you know of a Mastiff in need, please contact the rescue group that covers your area. The volunteers will be able to assist you. The following organizations are available to assist: If you have another breed of dog in the mastiff “family” that needs assistance, please contact the appropriate breed specific rescue for that dog.

When did the English Mastiff breed become extinct?

One of the breed’s most famous battles was the Battle of Agincourt which occurred in 1415. In 1835, the breed neared extinction. The English Mastiff was once used in such sports as bear baiting, bull baiting, and even dog fighting. When these sports became illegal, the future of the breed became in jeopardy.

Why is it important to train an English Mastiff?

Training the Mastiff correctly is incredibly important. As they are so large and powerful, you must be able to control them, or you may end up being controlled by them! They are intelligent dogs who take well to positive training, but they can become easily disinterested or bored.

When does an English Mastiff become fully grown?

They are finally fully grown at 18 months old but don’t typically mentally mature until they’re three years, meaning you can have a 200-pound puppy on your hands for a while. This puppy is small now, but potential owners have to be sure they can handle this little guy after he becomes a whole lot bigger.