What is the Pink Dot event?

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What is the Pink Dot event?

Pink Dot SG is an annual event that started in 2009 in support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community in Singapore. Attendees of Pink Dot events gather to form a “pink dot” to show support for inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love.

Is Pink Dot still around?

Pink Dot is a quick delivery prepared-to-order grocery store based on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California….Pink Dot.

“Legendary Delivery”
Type Grocer
Industry Retail
Founded 1987 (Los Angeles, California)
Headquarters Los Angeles, California

When was pink dot created?

May 16, 2009
Pink Dot SG/First event date

Does Singapore have pride?

Singapore’s first public LGBT pride festival, IndigNation, took place during the month of August in 2005, with a second annual IndigNation in August 2006.

Where is Pink Dot held?

Hong Lim Park2019, 2018, 2017.
Pink Dot SG/Event locations

What is Singapore 377A act?

Section 377A is a Singaporean law criminalising sex between consenting male adults. The item of legislation was added to the Penal Code in the 1930s. The item remained part of the Singapore body of law after the Penal Code review of October 2007 that removed most of the other provisions in Section 377.

When was the first Pink Dot in Singapore?

Pink Dot SG, (more commonly referred to simply as Pink Dot) was held on Saturday, 16 May 2009. It was Singapore ‘s historic, first open air LGBT -supportive event. It established a record for the greatest number of participants to turn up for any congregation at Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park since the latter’s inception.

Who are the sponsors of Pink Dot SG?

Pink Dot SG 2013’s list of corporate contributors grew to include global financial firm JPMorgan Chase, local hotel Parkroyal on Pickering, contact lens specialist CooperVision and audio branding agency The Gunnery, in addition to Google and Barclays.

What was the theme of Pink Dot SG 2010?

Pink Dot SG 2010 was held on 15 May, with the theme: “Focusing on Our Families”. There was a turnout of 4,000 participants and the event received local media coverage by Channel News Asia and The Sunday Times. The event was also reported internationally by the BBC, the Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

How many companies have joined the Pink Dot Movement?

In 2017, 120 local companies stepped forward to support Pink Dot when 13 multinational companies were told they could no longer do so. This year, we’re calling upon even more companies from our Little Red Dot to join in. Be a part of the movement that’s helping our society progress to be more open, understanding and inclusive.