How many people attend Patriots games?

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How many people attend Patriots games?

In 2019, the average attendance at home games of the New England Patriots was 65,878….New England Patriots average regular season home attendance from 2008 to 2020.

Characteristic Average attendance
2019 65,878
2018 65,878
2017 65,878
2016 66,829

How many years have the New England Patriots been in the NFL?

Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks Table Year Lg Tm W L 2021 NFL New England Patriots 0 0 2020 NFL New England Patriots 7 9 2019 NFL New England Patriots * 12 4

Are there any season tickets for the New England Patriots?

Sync or print the Patriots schedule now. Check single game ticket availability. Patriots Season Tickets are currently sold out. Join the Waitlist. Get to know the Gillette Stadium seating bowl.

Where are the New England Patriots football team located?

The New England Patriots are an American football team based in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

How much are the New England Patriots worth?

The Patriots were the NFL’s 10th most valuable team at $464 million in 2000 when Brady was drafted out of Michigan. The franchise is now worth nearly 10 times that at $4.4 billion, second in the NFL behind only the Cowboys. The Patriots signed Cam Newton to fill Brady’s spot.

How many seasons have the New England Patriots been in the NFL?

In the 2018 NFL season, the Patriots reached their 11th Super Bowl, breaking their own record for most Super Bowl appearances by any organization of all time. a The Season column links to an article about each season in the league (AFL for 1960–1969; NFL for 1970–present). The Team column links to an article about the Patriots’ season that year.

Is there an app for the New England Patriots?

The essential app for anyone attending a Patriots game at Gillette Stadium. The Gillette Stadium App will help you enhance your game day experience with useful information including mobile ticketing and automated customer service, not to mention robust and exclusive, in-game video replays.

How many AFC Championship games have the New England Patriots won?

Since the merger, they have played fourteen AFC Championship Games, winning ten of them to advance to the Super Bowl. In the Patriots’ 56-year history, they have an overall regular season record of 476 wins, 383 losses, and 9 ties, plus an overall postseason record of 32 wins and 19 losses.

When did the New England Patriots win 16 games?

They also played in and lost Super Bowls XX, XXXI, XLII, XLVI, and LII. During the 2007 regular season, the Patriots became the only NFL team in history to win 16 games, and the first since the 1972 Miami Dolphins (in a 14-game season) to complete the regular campaign undefeated.