When do candidates have to submit nomination forms?

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When do candidates have to submit nomination forms?

Candidates must lodge a completed nomination form after the call for nominations (Friday, 16 July) and before the close of nominations at 12:00 noon on Thursday, 5 August 2021. The public declaration of nominations and draw for positions on the ballot paper takes place soon after nominations close.

When does the term of the House of Representatives start?

The term of the House of Representatives starts on the first sitting day of the House following its election, which in the case of the 46th Parliament was 2 July 2019. The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (CEA) sets certain requirements.

How does the Electoral Commission work in Australia?

The Australian Electoral Commission is required, one year after the first sitting day for a new House of Representatives, to determine the number of members to which each State and Territory is entitled. If the number in any state changes, a redistribution will be required in those states.

When does the 46th Parliament of Australia end?

Since the 46th Parliament of Australia opened on 2 July 2019, it will expire on 1 July 2022. Section 32 of the Constitution says: “The writs shall be issued within ten days from the expiry of a House of Representatives or from the proclamation of a dissolution thereof.” Ten days after 1 July 2022 is 11 July 2022.

Who is the current Prime Minister of the UK?

Incumbent Prime Minister. Boris Johnson. Conservative. . The next United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held on Thursday 2 May 2024, in line with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. If held to schedule, it would be the second general election to be held at the end of a fixed-term Parliament, and the first since 2015 .

What was the result of the Brexit referendum in 2016?

A referendum was held in June 2016, and the Leave campaign won by 51.9% to 48.1%. The UK initiated the withdrawal process in March 2017, and Prime Minister Theresa May triggered a snap general election in 2017, in order to demonstrate support for her planned negotiation of Brexit.

Are there going to be boundary changes in 2017?

A projection by psephologists Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher of how the 2017 votes would have translated to seats under the new boundaries suggested the changes would be beneficial to the Conservative Party and detrimental to Labour. Boundary changes cannot be implemented until they are approved by both Houses of Parliament.

When does periodic review of Westminster constituencies begin?

The 2023 Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies will begin in 2021 with the previous relevant legislation having been amended by the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 2020. The postponed Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies proposed reducing the number of constituencies from 650 to 600.