Is US Fidelis still in business?

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Is US Fidelis still in business?

-based US Fidelis collapsed in 2009 and filed for bankruptcy in 2010 amid accusations of fraud. Prosecutors say the company misled customers about warranty coverage and fraudulently withheld refunds. They say the brothers used company funds to live lavish lifestyles.

What happened to US Fidelis?

The Wentzville-based US Fidelis, formerly known as National Auto Warranty Services, collapsed in 2009 amid fraud accusations. Atkinson and his company co-founder and brother, Cory Atkinson, were accused of bleeding the firm of more than $100 million.

Who is Cory Atkinson?

Cory Atkinson, co-owner of former Wentzville business US Fidelis, received a 40-month prison sentence and was ordered to pay $4 million in restitution to the IRS for his part in a massive tax fraud case.

How much did US Fidelis mansion cost to build?

In April of 2010 the US Fidelis co-founder listed his Lake St. Louis mansion for sale, asking half the estimated cost to build just four years prior: $14.9 million. Realtor descriptions are usually an entertaining read, and the Atkinson mansion was no exception.

How much money did US Fidelis have in assets?

At the time US Fidelis listed assets of $74.4 million and liabilities of $25.8 million, according to the bankruptcy filing. Afterward Darain and Cory were accused of funneling $100 million of US Fidelis funds to pay for their cars, jewelry, and estates.

When did US Fidelis change its name to Fidelis?

The name change to “US Fidelis” didn’t fool everybody, and by April of 2009 there were over 33,000 inquiries and about 1,100 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Also not fooled were the now forty attorney generals investigating the Atkinsons, who would eventually succeed in shutting the brothers down. above: US Fidelis logo.

What are the features of a Fidelis house?

It features a music room, turret room, movie theater, indoor bowling alley, 8,000 Sq. Ft. outdoor entertaining area, safe room, second living quarters, study, billiard room, art studio, spa-retreat, playroom, exercise room, eight car garage, and porte cochere.