How much did Ed Too Tall Jones weight?

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How much did Ed Too Tall Jones weight?

271 lb
Ed “Too Tall” Jones

No. 72
Born: February 23, 1951 Jackson, Tennessee
Height: 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
Weight: 271 lb (123 kg)
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What college did Ed Too Tall Jones go to?

Tennessee State Tigers football
Ed Jones/Colleges

Who was the tallest NFL player?

Richard Sligh
Richard Sligh – 7’0” The tallest player in NFL history stood a full seven feet tall. Richard Sligh was a defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders, who the team drafted in the 10th round of the 1967 NFL Draft.

How tall was Ed Jones of the Dallas Cowboys?

Ed Lee Jones (born February 23, 1951), commonly known as Ed ” Too Tall ” Jones due to his height, is a retired American football player who played 15 seasons (1974–1978, 1980–1989) in the National Football League (NFL) for the Dallas Cowboys. In 1979, he briefly left football to attempt a career in professional boxing.

When did ed’too tall’jones retire from football?

He stayed around long enough to see Landry get fired and replaced by Jimmy Johnson. He played for a season under Johnson but following the unexpected death of his mother, Ed “Too Tall” Jones retired from football for good following the 1989 season. Where is Ed “Too Tall” Jones today?

Who was Too Tall Jones NFL draft pick?

A year ago, Jones was in Nashville for the 2019 NFL draft where he announced Central Florida defensive tackle Trysten Hill as the 58th overall pick of the Dallas Cowboys. This year Ed “Too Tall” Jones won’t be announcing any draft picks. Like the rest of us, he’ll be watching from his home when the first pick is announced.

Who was too tall for the Dallas Cowboys?

Ed “Too Tall” Jones was once a pass-swatting machine in Dallas. Ed “Too Tall” Jones photo courtesy Dallas Cowboys. Ed “Too Tall” Jones was once a pass-swatting machine in Dallas. For Ed “Too Tall’’ Jones, football was never his first love, but that never prevented the men who tried to block him from hating their nearly impossible task.