Is AP Thresh a thing?

August 26, 2020 Off By idswater

Is AP Thresh a thing?

AP Thresh. After all, Thresh has AP ratios on all his abilities! Ah yes, the AP ratios.

Does Thresh do AP or AD?

Thresh has a 80% (Level 1) Total AD Ratio on his E passive, up to a maximum of 200% (Level 5 E) Total AD Ratio.

Is AP Thresh viable?

Yes. If you want to play Thresh off meta you are better off playing an AD(Burst) style of Thresh. His E scales with his AD and souls gathered, with Dark Harvest or Electrocute you can do a decent amount of damage with your auto attacks.

Can Thresh be ADC?

No. He lacks trading potential versus a competent opponent. His hook doesn’t deal much dmg. His lantern deals no dmg and could only be used to save his support, which is dumb because a support with a dead ADC is fairly useless.

Is thresh a Jungler?

Seriously though, when Thresh was released in January 2013, he was intended as either 1) a support, 2) a jungler, or 3) a toplaner. You see, the thing about Thresh jungle is that it’s so unbelievably bad one cannot help but wonder if it could possibly be any worse.

Is Thresh QA projectile?

Thresh auto doesn’t keep going after he finished animation so it has no projectile. Other attacks who bypass windwall are: Azir’s autos and Kayle’s E empowered autos.

Can you go full AP on AP thresh mid?

It says in the title ‘Build Guide’. That means you build what’s in the guide. This is an AP Build (TM) so you need to take stuff that gives you AP. We’re not going electrocute, dark harvest, press the attack, nah none of that. You can’t go full AP without getting all the AP.

What can you do with AP thresh in League?

Sure AP Thresh Mid may be the second most ******ed thing you can do with Thresh other than Thresh Jungle but League is all about hoping the other team is dumber than you are. And in those moments where you happen to be against someone with no brain (Silver 4 and below) you can land your hook, you can poke with your flay, and you can land your box.

What do you need for AP thresh transcendence?

Transcendence now the one thing AP Thresh Mid needs – other than an amazing team to carry the sh*t out of you – is CDR. All your cooldowns are really long and your autos do less damage than ricegum did to idubbz’s reputation.

What to watch out for in thresh build guide?

Watch out for Veigar Mid, especially one running Dark Harvest and gathering storm as he will easily out scale you. Fortunately you out CC him so look to gank him early and set him behind and it will be easy kills all round.