How do I test my club car onboard computer?

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How do I test my club car onboard computer?

Is My Club Car Golf Cart on Board Computer (OBC) Bad?

  1. Set the voltage meter to DC Volts 200V.
  2. Take voltage from the positive side of the charger port/receptacle to the negative on the battery pack loop of batteries.
  3. There should be voltage read on the battery back, this may vary based on the charge.

How do you reset the onboard computer on a club car?

Resetting the OBC must be performed in this order:

  1. Key switch to off.
  2. Set forward/reverse to neutral.
  3. Put tow/run switch to tow.
  4. Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery pack.
  5. Put the tow/run switch to run.
  6. Put forward/reverse switch to reverse.
  7. Put key switch to on.

How do you bypass a club car onboard computer?

To bypass the OBC you will need to connect a 12 gauge black wire from the negative terminal of this battery to where the black wire attaches to the back of the receptacle. That’s it folks; you’re done!

What does the onboard computer do on a golf cart?

The OBC is is a small device that is wired into the golf cart that’s purpose is to regulate the batteries charge. As you use and drive your golf cart, the OBC records the amount of energy consumed and then directs the charger to replace exactly the amount of energy needed to fully replenish the batteries.

Where is the reset button on club car motor?

Expose the motor (you’ll probably need a screwdriver to remove the cover), and look for a red button. It is usually near the main power source, where most of the wires are connected. Once you’ve pressed the button to reset the motor, reassemble the cart, charge up the batteries, and give it a test run.

Can you bypass speed sensor on golf cart?

The speed sensor on the EZGO golf cart can be bypassed by unplugging it from the speed controller. By disconnecting the J5 pin on the speed controller, this will cause the golf cart to creep along as the controller will go into limp mode.

How do I know if my club car controller is bad?

How to Test Club Car Precedent Controller? To test a club car precedent controller, connect a voltmeter between the negative terminal of your cart’s battery and the M terminal on the controller. Then push the pedal down and look for a clicking noise from the solenoid. Your batteries should read as full.

How do you bypass the key on a golf cart?

This process includes these steps:

  1. Turn off the ignition switch to minimize your risk of electrocution.
  2. Locate the wires for your cart’s ignition switch.
  3. Use wire snips to cut these wires away from their connectors.
  4. Touch the engines together carefully to bypass the ignition switch and send power to your engine.

Is there a club car on board computer?

Makeblock Halocode – A Single Board Pocket-Sized Programmable Computer with Built-in Wi-Fi for Kids to Learn Coding Basics. . . Only 11 left in stock – order soon. . . . . Only 4 left in stock – order soon.

How can I replace my club car OBC?

Replace your OBC: You can replace the OBC by buying and installing a new one. It’s not super involved to replace the OBC and can be done in just a few simple steps. Replace your Charger: Buy a Lester Summit On-Board Battery Charger that bypasses the OBC completely: This is the preferred option for most folks as it requires no real work.

Do you need an OBC for a club car DS Golf cart?

This On-Board Computer (OBC) Replacement is designed for use on 48 volt Club Car DS IQ golf carts. *Make sure to confirm that you require this specific OBC by matching OEM part numbers.

Is there a computer on a golf cart?

If you need help confirming if this golf cart computer is what you need, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or email us at [email protected] Also check out our helpful Club Car On-Board Computer (OBC) Frequently Asked Questions.