Who is the most famous Lionel Messi fan?

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Who is the most famous Lionel Messi fan?

Shakira: The world-famous singer and a supermodel, Shakira is also a fan of Lionel Messi and Barcelona as well. Shakira also fell in love with Gerrard Pique – a Barcelona player, and ultimately married him.

How many fans does Messi have on social media?

How many fans does Messi have? Lionel Messi is the second most followed and liked athlete on social media and below is how his fans are distributed across the social media: Facebook: 90M. Instagram: 167M. Twitter: Lionel Messi does not have an official Twitter account. Total: 257M.

Who are the parents of Lionel Messi soccer player?

Lionel Andrés Messi was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, the third of four children of Jorge Messi, a steel factory manager, and his wife Celia Cuccittini, who worked in a magnet manufacturing workshop.

How is Lionel Messi white or mestizo?

Messi is… “mestizo”. He is a natural Argentinian by soil, law and behavior/speaking. He is white by parent genetics. His parents come from Europe, both, but came to Argentina years before Lionel Messi was born.

Which is the best team for Messi to play for?

Chelsea almost certainly had the money to spend on Messi, but they have opted to bring in a handful of young players to add to their rebuilding corps under Frank Lampard. This team lacks a veteran manager or a decisive opportunity to compete for trophies right away, so it was likely never an optimal landing spot for Messi.

When did Lionel Messi start playing for Barcelona?

Before he left to become a part of FC Barcelona’s youth program in 2001, Lionel Messi played for Club Atletico Newell’s Old Boys. He first started playing for the Argentinian team when he was six years old and scored 234 goals in 176 games for the club.

Why does Messi only play with his left foot?

He can play on either foot, equally as well, which means he’s dangerous wherever he is on the pitch and can shoot from either side. Messi’s only got a left foot so is more obvious what he’s going to do and it’s a lot easier for defenders to control him. Me: To be honest his left foot is so good, why bother with the other one!!!

How many Champions League titles did Messi win?

He was on posters everywhere and there was a store on every corner selling his jerseys. Messi was Catalonia’s superhero and I can’t imagine how heartbroken the entire region must be. Messi was the face of an era of futbol that brought ten La Liga titles and four Champions League titles in sixteen years.