Who wore number 6 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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Who wore number 6 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Percy Harvin III
Defensive back Tre Norwood was unable to keep his number 13 from college as it belongs to James Washington and will instead sport number 21 in the Steelers’ secondary. Last, but certainly not least, is punter Percy Harvin III who will sport the number 6 for the Steelers.

Who wore number 6 in football?

1. Xavi Hernández – FC Barcelona. The former Barcelona and Spanish national team captain is unarguably one of the greatest midfielders to have stepped on the football pitch. Blessed with great technical ability l, the Catalan legend wore the number 6 during his illustrious career.

What year were the Steelers 6-0?

1. 1976, 10-4 Record, Lost in AFC Championship. The Steelers struggled to a 1-4 start, but with Terry Bradshaw injured, rookie Mike Kruczek lead the team to a 6-0 mark (ironically the record for rookie quarterbacks before Ben Roethlisberger came to Pittsburgh in 2004) and helped save the season.

What famous athletes wore number 6?

Can you name the athletes who wore the #6 on their jersey?

Primary Team Player % Correct
USA basketball Lebron James 62.4%
Denver Broncos Jay Cutler 57.4%
Boston Celtics Bill Russell 55.4%
New York Jets Mark Sanchez 52.5%

Who is number 1 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

JuJu captured this title in only three seasons wearing the number. The 2017 winner of the Joe Greene Award as the team’s top rookie captured the hearts of Steelers Nation both on and off of the playing field. The four-time Super Bowl champion is also a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient.

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers that wore number 34?

Notable Pittsburgh Steelers that wore No.34 1 Andy Russell. A 16th round pick in the 1963 NFL Draft, Russell was a six time Pro Bowler who earned five consecutive Pro Bowl trips from 1970-75. 2 Tim Lester. 3 DeAngelo Williams. 4 Rashard Mendenhall. 5 Verron Haynes. …

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers player with the Magnum moustache?

As a rookie, the man with the Magnum-esque moustache caught a 90-yard touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw against Seattle that stood as a record for a number of years. As a deep threat, the speedy Wallace was a dream weapon for Ben Roethlisberger and a nightmare for defenses.

Who was the best punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Miller averaged 42.9 yards-per-punt for eight seasons in the Steel City. He remains one of the most popular Steelers’ punters in team history. Miller boasts both a Grey Cup and Super Bowl ring during the part of his career played in other cities.

Who is number 31 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Since the retirement of fellow safety Donnie Shell following the 1987 NFL season, Logan is the only Steelers player to have worn number 31. Although the number is considered unofficially retired by the team, the Steelers likely allowed Logan to wear number 31 because of him idolizing Shell growing up in Pittsburgh.

Who wore number 7 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Lucky number seven: A baby calf with a marking of a number 7 on its head has been named Big Ben in honor of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who wears a seven on his jersey when he plays.

Who is the Steelers backup RB?

James Conner is the backup running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, sitting deep in the shadow of Le’Veon Bell. But he’s also a Pitt product, and Pittsburgh fans are nothing if not intensely loyal.

How do you contact Pittsburgh Steelers?

There is only one way to reach Pittsburgh Steelers customer service, and it’s not email but instead via phone. In case you didn’t realize there was an alternative, the best phone number for Pittsburgh Steelers customer support is +1 412-323-1200.