What terminal does Virgin Australia use in Sydney?

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What terminal does Virgin Australia use in Sydney?

Terminal 2
Terminal 2 (T2) is the largest domestic terminal in Australia. Virgin, Jetstar, Tiger and Regional Express (REX) flights arrive and depart from this terminal.

Which terminal does Jetstar use in Sydney?

Jetstar Airways (flight numbers beginning with JQ)

Departure Point Airport and Terminal
Perth Perth Airport – T2 Domestic, T3 Domestic; T4 Domestic
Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Airport
Sydney Sydney Airport – T2 Domestic, T3 Domestic
Townsville Townsville Airport

Is terminal 1 Sydney domestic or international?

Sydney Airport Terminal 1 serves international flights and some domestic flights as well. It is located in the northwest sector of the airport.

What terminal does Qantas use in Sydney?

T3 – Sydney domestic airport Qantas Domestic flights QF400 to QF1599 and QantasLInk flights QF1600 and above operate from this terminal.

How do I get from Sydney domestic to international terminal?

To transfer between Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney International Airport, you can catch the T8 Airport South Line train service or a route 400 or 420 regular bus or 420N nightbus. To catch a train or bus, you will need to get an Opal card or purchase an Opal single ticket.

What terminal is Virgin Australia?

T1 International: Virgin Australia International flights arrive/depart from Terminal 1 International including flights for Christmas Islands and Cocos Islands.

Which terminal is Qantas?

All Qantas operated flights (international and domestic) operate from the Terminal 3 and 4 (T3/T4) precinct at Perth Airport. All other international airlines, including Jetstar, continue to operate from Perth Terminal 1 (T1).

Can you walk from domestic to international airport Sydney?

Transferring between T3 and T2 (domestic airports) Walking is the best way to get between the two terminals and takes approximately 7 minutes. Simply follow the pedestrian walkways and directional signs through the car park or through the airport train tunnel link.