Who was the CEO of the Aerospace Corporation?

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Who was the CEO of the Aerospace Corporation?

Wanda Austin (born 1954) is the former President and CEO of The Aerospace Corporation, a leading architect for the nation’s national security space programs.

When was the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine founded?

USAFSAM was founded in 1918 to conduct research into the medical and physiologic domains related to human flight, and as a school for medical officers trained to support military aviation operations, later coined as flight surgeons.

Who was the first president of the Air Force Association?

Nearly a decade later, General Arnold’s advocacy for an independent civilian organization was incorporated as the Air Force Association. Our first national president was noted aviation pioneer and Medal of Honor recipient, General Jimmy Doolittle, who spent AFA’s inaugural year establishing chapters across the country.

Who is the Space Foundation and what does it do?

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem. CENTER FOR INNOVATION AND EDUCATION

Who was the first president of the Aerospace Corporation?

During the early years, the company’s first president, Dr. Ivan Getting, set the tone for many of the corporate values that are still central to Aerospace’s culture. Getting placed a high value on objectivity and technical excellence, and he recognized that Aerospace’s employees were the talent that was central to the corporation’s success.

What was the time period of the Aerospace Corporation?

The 1960s was one of the most innovative periods of history in the United States. Following the founding of The Aerospace Corporation in 1960, the progress of the corporation’s work in support of the U.S. Air Force paralleled the advances that the country witnessed in the fields of science and technology.

What did the Aerospace Corporation do for NASA?

As one of its first projects, the corporation helped convert the Atlas, Titan, and Minuteman missiles into space boosters. Aerospace helped develop the pilot safety program for Project Mercury, which improved the reliability of the Atlas launch vehicles and helped ensure the safety of the astronauts.