How to get into the tunnels in downtown Tulsa?

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How to get into the tunnels in downtown Tulsa?

From the lobby of the Hyatt Regency, take the escalators down to street level. Instead of going outside to 2nd Street, turn right into the parking garage. Follow signs to 3rd Street Tunnel. Go through the doors and walk up the stairs.

Why does Tulsa have underground tunnels?

Buried beneath downtown Tulsa, a system of secret underground tunnels was built to connect many of Tulsa’s early skyscrapers. The tunnel system was designed at first for freight, but soon became a millionaires’ highway, protecting the wealthy and elite from danger.

Are there tunnels in the city of Tulsa?

Tulsa’s tunnels are underground corridors and street-level interior hallways. They connect office buildings, hotels and parking garages. They’re open until 5pm on business days. You can only tour the underground tunnels during the week — not Saturday, Sunday or holidays when they are locked.

How long has Lambrusco’s Deli been in Tulsa?

Since then, she’s been in the kitchen every day, turning out all of the food Tulsa has grown to love. The most popular deli on Brookside, we have been in business for over 35 years. Everything is made from scratch. Dine-in or carry out. We stock a large selection of dips, baked goods, casseroles, dinner and side items.

When did Waite Phillps build the Tulsa tunnel?

Waite Phillps opened this in 1931 to be a shopping mall and office building. Later he built a penthouse family residence on top. Today it’s a sleepy office building with Art Deco exhibits on the ground floor. Be sure to gaze up at the gilded Art Deco lobby.

Who was wealthy in Tulsa in the Roaring 20s?

The Roaring 20s made some Tulsa businessmen very wealthy, including Waite Phillips. Oil barons and their families were prized targets for kidnapping criminals who could extort ransom money.