Who are the wedding dress designers on Say Yes to the Dress?

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Who are the wedding dress designers on Say Yes to the Dress?

Say Yes To The Dress: Top 10 Bridal Designers And Brands Featured On The Show

  • 3 Maggie Sottero.
  • 4 Lazaro.
  • 5 Danielle Caprese.
  • 6 Hayley Paige.
  • 7 Randy Fenoli.
  • 8 Anna Campbell.
  • 9 Pnina Tornai.
  • 10 Dennis Basso.

How much money does a Kleinfeld consultant make?

The typical Kleinfeld Bridal Consultant salary is $16 per hour. Bridal Consultant salaries at Kleinfeld can range from $13 – $17 per hour.

Does Randy from Say Yes to the Dress have a partner?

Describing his long time partner Michael in the caption Randy said, “Michael Landry: A talented artist, a music enthusiast, a truly hilarious storyteller, a connoisseur of luxury goods, a hardworking & respected worker, and my one and only life-partner for eight AMAZING years.”

Who is the alterations manager on Say Yes to the dress?

On Say Yes to the Dress, there’s as much drama in the Kleinfeld alterations department as in the process of actually finding a dress, and sometimes more. (See: the episode in which a mother punched alterations manager Vera.)

Who are the vendors on Say Yes to the dress?

Pnina Tornai is now one of Kleinfeld’s primary vendors, but the only one with an in-store boutique. Today, a Pnina Tornai is one of the first (if not the first) gowns offered up on Say Yes.

Who is Rochel Leah Katz in say yes to the dress?

Kleinfeld’s consultant, Rochel Leah Katz, was hired specifically to work with brides with modesty requirements, such as Orthodox Jews and Mormons. Katz knows it’s not only hard to find a dress with sleeves, but also, that not all designers allow their dresses to be modified.

Is there enough space for Say Yes to the dress?

There’s evidently exactly enough space for a bride, a giant gown, her entourage, the cast of the show, and a small production crew. A visit to Kleinfeld for a bride not participating in Say Yes, or when the show isn’t taping, is much different than one for a bride on the show.