How many people work at Naval Station Newport?

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How many people work at Naval Station Newport?

Approximately 10,000 employees work at the 50 various commands on Naval Station Newport with an additional 17,000 students annually passing through one of the many schools on base.

How big is Newport Naval?

1,339 acres
The base covers 1,339 acres of the western shore of Rhode Island’s Aquidneck Island. It is home to 8,000 personnel who make up the 50 Navy, Marine Corps, Army Reserve, Coast Guard, and NOAA commands as well as the 17,000 students who pass through training and education programs annually.

How much does the Naval War College Cost?

The cost to attend US Naval War College ranges from $9,998 to $100,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $50,000.

What degree do you get from the Naval War College?

Course Highlights FSP students can apply after completing one core course. Students earn a Master of Arts degree in Defense and Strategic Studies.

Where is the Naval Station in Newport RI?

Naval Station Newport’s Gate 1 is located at: 1 Training Station Road, Newport, RI 02841. From its infancy during the Revolutionary War to its present day technology, the United States Navy has been a part of Narragansett Bay.

Who are the officers at Naval Station Newport?

ODS provides staff corps officers and several restricted line designators with training necessary to prepare them to function in their role as newly commissioned Naval officers. (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Zaneta Stepien) Naval Station (NAVSTA) Newport is home to 50 Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S. Army Reserve commands and activities.

How to get to NAVSTA Newport Naval Station?

NAVSTA Newport does not have a base operator, contact the Fleet and Family Support Center for base and local information, 401-841-2283 or DSN 312-841-2283. Take Interstate 95 South to Route 4 South/East to Route 138 East, to Jamestown- Verrazano Bridge.

Is there a Naval Hospital on Newport Island?

By 1913, the Navy had constructed a Naval Hospital on the mainland of Aquidneck Island. Newport is the Navy’s premier site for training officers, officer candidates, senior enlisted personnel and midshipman candidates, as well as conducting advanced undersea warfare and development systems.