What NFL quarterback had the longest career?

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What NFL quarterback had the longest career?

In addition to being the oldest QB ever, Blanda also holds the record for being oldest professional football player in NFL history. Blanda’s career lasted for 26 seasons, which is another record.

Who is the longest active player in the NFL?

Of all the current active players, Vinatieri has the greatest chance to surpass George Blanda (26 seasons) and hold the record for longest NFL career in history. However, Vinatieri was placed on the Colts’ injured reserve in early December 2019, and there have been no current updates on his future in the NFL.

Who are the best quarterbacks of all time?

Here are the top three QBs in all-time QB career records, season records, and rookie records to show who the best in the game truly are. Drew Brees and Tom Brady were the first to break QB Dan Marino’s season record of 5,084 passing yards in 2011.

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL?

At the age of 43, Tom Brady is currently the oldest active player in the NFL and is one of the oldest quarterbacks ever. Prior to 2020, Brady had spent almost his whole career with the New England Patriots. The Patriots drafted Brady in 2000 as the team’s backup quarterback.

What’s the all time touchdown record for a quarterback in the NFL?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely, given the way Brees’ 2020 season went. After the 2014 season when Manning broke the all-time QB record of 508 passing TDs held by Brett Favre, both Brady and Brees were sitting at 392 career touchdowns.

What is the average career length of a NFL quarterback?

The average football career varies by position: The average NFL career for a quarterback is three years. The average NFL career for an offensive lineman is about three-and-a-half years.

What NFL quarterback played the most seasons?

George Blanda, a quarterback and placekicker , played 26 NFL seasons setting the NFL record.

Which player had shortest career in the NFL?

Glen Coffee was a running back for the San Francisco 49ers that had the shortest of NFL careers on this list. Some NFL players follow the beat of a different drummer. One such player is Glen Coffee.

Which quarterback holds the longest starting streak?

Brett Favreholds the record for most consecutive starts by a quarterback. In the history of the National Football League, there have been twelve starts streaks of at least 100 consecutive games by eleven different quarterbacks, with four of those with a regular season streak of at least 200 games. [1][2]