How long is Jake Long American dragon?

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How long is Jake Long American dragon?

22 minutes

American Dragon: Jake Long
Executive producers Jeff Goode Eddie Guzelian Matt Negrete Christian Roman
Producer Larry Johnson (Line producer)
Editor Dong Hun Oh
Running time 22 minutes

What show is Jake Long from?

American Dragon: Jake Long2005 – 2007
Jake Long/TV shows

Why was American dragon Jake Long Cancelled?

Cancellation. Disney wanted to make more episodes after the success of the first two seasons of the show, even a live action movie was planned, however they decided against the idea and chose the 31st episode of season 2 to be the series finale.

Where is Jake Long from?

In high school, Long was the first player in his high school’s history to earn all-state “Dream Team” (all-class state team) honors in football from the Detroit News….Jake Long.

No. 75, 77, 72
Born: May 9, 1985 Lapeer, Michigan
Height: 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Weight: 313 lb (142 kg)
Career information

How did Jake Long become a dragon?

Trivia. It is revealed in the episode “The Rotwood Files” Jake’s true form may be that of his dragon form because Professor Rotwood is in possession of chemicals which he believes can transform dragons back into their true form.

Does Disney+ have Cory in the House?

Disney has confirmed via Twitter, that the live action series, “Cory in the House”, will soon be added to its new streaming service, Disney+.

When did American Dragon Jake Long come out?

American Dragon: Jake Long was created by Jeff Goode. Disney Channel ordered an initial twenty-one 30 minute episodes for the first season, and the series premiered on January 21, 2005. After its cancellation, reruns continued to air from 2007 to 2010. The series was syndicated to Toon Disney on February 2006.

What did Jake do in the American Dragon?

Jake is a proud, lazy skateboarder who is, in secret, a dragon. He uses his duties as a dragon, to help defend the underground magical world of New York City, while continuing his training into becoming the American Dragon. Another one of his duties is to protect other dragons from people who want to harm them.

Who are Jake Long’s parents in American Dragon?

Jake Long is a descendant of a long line of shape-shifting dragons, and it is his duty to protect a community of magical creatures secretly living among the masses in New York City. He lives with his parents, Jonathan and Susan, as well as his seven-year-old sister, Haley.

What’s the name of the Chinese dragon in Jake Long?

Lao is a Chinese dragon. He runs the Canal Street Electronics shop and his only friend is Fu Dog. His attempts at training Jake sometimes causes more damage than help. His name is a play on the Mandarin Chinese word for “teacher”. Jake’s nickname for him is “Gramps”.